Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finally, he said it....

She was in awe of him....she was in love with was he.....then what happened?

They fell in love, at first sight, if anything like that existed. They met at a common friend’s house. It was a tiny little get together. Their friend was celebrating their 6 month anniversary with her husband. Yea, she was into that. He actually sniggered everytime he thought about this party. What was he supposed to take as a gift? A “Happy 6 months” card? Though he was at ease, he didn’t believe in the concept of gifts, giving that is.. he was attending this party only and only because that girl was a very good friend of his and thus he didn’t want to disappoint her.

She was very excited for this party. She found all this very sweet. She believed her friend was doing such a sweet thing by celebrating her 6 month anniversary. Not a lot of people appreciate what they have, let alone celebrate it. But here were two people who were absolutely in love and wanted to tell everyone how happy they were together and celebrate not only with each other but also close personal friends.

She was his friend, the lucky man in love. She thought love was a beautiful thing, not only love in between couples but LOVE in general. All these tiny little things that people do, for love. For example, her friend, he really couldn’t understand why his wife wanted to throw this get together, but he went along with his beautiful wife because he just loved to see her excited about anything. He felt that he was no one to dampen her excitement. As the party drew near, he was also pretty much into it. It is love, love that makes the world go round.

The night of the party, after everyone came in, the couple of the day decided to raise toasts for each other. They told each other how much they loved each other and how happy they are  together and how they don’t want to part, whatever happens. There was only one person in this place who was actually weeping when the toast ended. It was her. She thought it was so beautiful, she wanted to capture that moment for herself forever. The husband knew her friend very well, he told his beautiful wife’s friend to give her a few tissues. That is when they first laid eyes on each other. Truth be told, he was watching her throughout the entire span that he had been there. There was only one person who was almost as happy as the beautiful wife, his friend, and that was her!

They retired into the kitchen. “Oh! I feel so stupid” , she said, wiping her tears with the tissues that he had given her. “Oh no! even I cry all the time. Just that I forgot my glycerin at home!”, he said, trying to lighten the mood. She giggled and looked up. She realized he was a very handsome looking man, and charming too. “I am David, and I am an occasional crier. And you are?” “Haha. I am Kendall, and I am a compulsive crier.” They both chuckled.

Their first contact was easy. Effortless . they already liked each other. They spent the evening together, talking to eachother, getting to know one another, laughing a little more. Finally, the party came to an end. David couldn’t take it, he wont be able to see her again! He had to do something, he thought. “Hey Kendall, before you leave, I wanted to ask you, would you mind if I see you again sometime this week? For dinner? Just you and me..I promise to bring my glycerin along.” She looked at him for a moment, then said “If this is an invitation for a dinner, just a dinner, then I will think about it. But if you are asking me out on a date, then you just need to tell me when and where.”  He was absolutely relieved. They exchanged numbers and she told her to call him, and he did. Just as she left his sight, and they spoke all night.

That was it. A few weeks later, they were together, in a relationship, madly in love with each other. They just knew they were meant to be. Somehow it was destiny that they had found each other. David was everything that Kendall was looking for. Romance, charm and love, all rolled into one. Kendall was David’s princess.

They started getting to get to know each other. At first every little thing they got to know was accepted happily. Slowly their relationship became more serious. They got to know more, about each other’s past and more. Slowly they found their differences, they found out they had a lot of conflicting thoughts. As the time passes, they got more intimate, physically, mentally and emotionally. They did have a few fights too, but not severe ones. They always made up beautifully and quickly. One of them would always figure out a way to make up. They just didn’t want to be away from each other.

As a little more time passed by, their fights got a little serious. They weren’t so quick at making up now. It was getting a little difficult for them. But they still made up, always. This was one of those fights. They had been fighting for a long time now and this was like the final nail on the coffin. Kendall was scared now. She wasn’t being able to take it anymore. She was scared beyond her wits. She finally broke down. She told him that it wasn’t working out, that it is time for them to go away from each other, that was the only option that was left. She was furious at him, at herself, at all the stuff that had occurred in between them. All she wanted was for him to say it to her once that he didn’t want her to go away. That he loved her. When she said that they should part ways, he didn’t disagree. That infuriated her even more. She just broke down, crying and howling, she poured her heart out to him. He was stunned to see her like that, because he never had.

After she finished, she just collected her things and started walking towards the door. She wanted to leave, to go as far  away from him as she could. She loved him more than anything she ever loved, but she couldn’t see them in pain and agony every single day of their lives. David was just stunned…he was in a state of shock. He couldn’t digest the things he had heard. He realized his love for her, but more so he realized how much she loved him.

Suddenly he realized, she was leaving. She was almost at the door! He ran, like lightning, he had to stop her, he couldn’t let her go. Kendall was just about to open the door, she felt strong sturdy arms wrap around her. Tightly gripping her, engulfing her in his embrace, he said,

“I love you , Kendall. Please don’t go. I don’t want to stay without you, ever! You aren’t a part, you are my whole life.”

She turned around, and they looked in each other’s eyes. Then they kissed, like they never had before. She was ecstatic, she was in the arms of the man she loved, and he loved her, and now finally, He said it…

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