Monday, August 19, 2013

The Dream Man - Part I

The phone was ringing loud and clear, thanks to the old school telephone ringing tone that Kevin had set to his phone.
Kevin had to just hear that voice and know who it was.
Oh wow! You still remember my voice?”
How can I ever forget? Wow! It has been long. It is nice to hear from you.”
I have been meaning to call for a while now Kevin. Just didn't know how.”
Well I guess you figured that out. So how are you?”
I am good. Great actually. Umm..Kevin..”
Yes Kimberly?”
I am getting month.”! Right to the point. Wow! Well...umm....Congratulations!”
Thank you. Actually I have been meaning to call you for this. I wanted to invite you for the festivities. I was going to email the invitation to you. But I wanted to tell you first. I really do want you to come...”
Well I understand if you don't want to come. But I am really hoping you do. I will send the invitation to you...”
I mean it..i hope to see you there! Take care..”
Take care...and Congratulations!”
Thank you. Bye Kevin.”

Kevin had been staring at his computer screen for what seemed like ages. There it was, “You are cordially invited to attend the wedding festivities of Kimberly and Brad.” The functions were spread over 3 days at a very amazing picturesque location. He knew Kimberly had always dreamed of a destination wedding, they would talk about it a lot. Suddenly Kevin remembered the last time he spoke to Kimberly...

I can't do this anymore Kevin.” She was sobbing over the phone. “It has been so long since we have parted ways. I can't do this anymore. I cant be nice to you anymore Kevin.”
You don't have to do anything.”
Seriously! I am tired of all this. All these false pleasantries and all these trying to be friends thing. I am tired of all this pretend niceness when all I want to do is smash your face in the wall for what you have done. I don't wanna be nice to you. I don't even want to talk to you ever again. EVER!” Now she was crying. She was actually crying.
Are you sure about what you are saying?”
No I am not sure. But yes I know what I am sure about. I am sure I don't want to face this trauma anymore. So yes, this is the only way. I do not want to speak to you ever again. We will never talk after this Kevin. Not even on our birthdays.”
Don't you think this is a bit harsh?”
Harsh? No it isn't harsh. What you did was harsh. What you are doing now is harsh. The problem is that you don't realize the wrong you have done. You also don't realize the wrong you are doing now. I want you out of my life. I want to feel as if you never existed. I want you gone. This time for real. FOREVER!” She cut the phone.

That was the last time he had heard her voice , and that was almost 5 years ago. Of course that was until last week, when she had called to invite him to her wedding.
He didn't want to go. He couldn't face it. The invitation asked for an RSVP. He knew what it was going to be. He clicked on his answer and sent it right back.

They say you never should let a good thing go, it may not wait till you to realise you made a mistake.”

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  1. Got me so engrossed!! I am waiting for Part II.. :)

  2. Dragged a little in the middle, however engrossing.

  3. page flipper...! makes one wonder ki kya hoga next! :) good work!


  5. Awaiting part deux!

    Although, must mention. You certainly have a penchant for the name Kimberly!

    1. My stories will always have Kimberly :-)
      Part 2 up soon!


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