Sunday, November 5, 2017

A great love story.

What makes a great love story?

I have asked myself this question a lot, more so in the past 4 years, when I have been writing them. What makes a love story great?

This answer has varied immensely through the years and sometimes even changed twice in one day. There were times when a great love story was synonymous with a great proposal. Then there were times when the great love story was incomplete without the heartwarming words that a man would pour out. And then some days, it was just about the airport moment.

The questions got deeper the older I got. What is love? Is there a scale to measure love? Whom should I be inspired by?

Is love what we see in the movies, where nobody cares about anyone's past, where there are no questions asked. They meet, they fall in love, they break but they come together again and it's always the forever kind of love. But, if this is the love that I am supposed to have, what happens after the happily ever after?  What happens after we decide to be together?

Is love what my parents have. The kind where they do not profess their love to each other all the time, but understand each other completely. The unconditional kind of love, where they are just together. They have a family together and there has never been a way of living life any other way. That makes me wonder though, is this love like this only because there wasn't another option, or there isn't one?

The movies that touch you the most and hit you the hardest are the ones that show you that love finds a way. People go away, things break, circumstances pull them apart and sometimes they themselves pull away, but love finds a way. And that always made me think, how is it worth it? Why does love make you insane? Why do people not let go?

So here it is, an answer that I have found. Love is what you want it to be. Love is the feeling of being wanted or needed when you feel useless. Love is the hug that engulfs when you have a bad dream in the middle of the night. Love is the voice of unconditional support when you feel like you can't move forward. Love makes you feel like you're the most beautiful thing to walk this earth, that you are worth it, for that one person. Love is the centre of the universe when you need it to be, but it also takes a backseat and waits for you when you have to take care of other things. Love doesn't need words, but words will always need love. Love is you and what you need.

Love is your lover who makes you feel like he can't live without you, love is the best friend who hugs you when you have a bad day, love is your support system who will show up when you need it the most and LOVE is the heartache that makes it difficult to breathe, all at once.  Love is one person who doesn't want to let go and one who will always hold on.

So the question my dear friend isn't 'what makes a great love story?', the question is, 'what makes a love story great?' and the answer...
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