Monday, May 3, 2010

Emotional Atyachar

Well we are all very familiar with the big expose show "Emotional Atyachar" but I am not talking about that...I am talking about the Emotional Atyachar that we face in our daily life!!

So here I am sitting at home minding my own business, watching TV and relaxing or as the lingo goes "chill-axing". My friend calls me. I switch off the TV and get ready. Cause this is the friend who recently went through a break up! Let’s call her the Whiney....So she calls me and goes on and on and on about how her life is "ruined" and he doesn't care about her anymore and how easily he got over her. I listened to all that Whiney had to tell me and then consoled her. I told her how he isn't worth her.

This conversation made me think....Look at all the heavy emotional overload we carry everyday of our teeny tiny lives!!!!

If you are in a relationship then either you are happy in the relationship or you are not happy in the relationship. If you are not happy then you are finding a way to get out of that relationship. How am I going to dump (the normal term used for breaking up) him? What if he doesn't take it properly? What if he feels bad? How can I get him to dump me? (happens in very rare cases though). If you are in a happy relationship then you have a totally different overload all together!! Does he love me as much as I love him? Am I good enough for him? What is the future of our relationship? Why is he flirting with her? Is he cheating on me? and so on...

Now if you are in a "group" then it’s another story all together. Do these people like me? Are they bitching about me behind my back? They didn't even ask me if I wanted to come!! and the worst of all when you have to smile at the person you hate because that person is in the group. Then what if one of them does something better than you do? or if someone gets asked out first by a guy you like? This is applicable with best friends too. Then maintaining the group. Sorting fights. and so on...

Then finally the pressure of the family when you don’t spend time with them. the pressure of not getting good enough marks or finally the pressure to make sure everyone LIKES YOU!!!! Making sure that every person has a good impression of you even if you have to juggle different personalities.

Then the emotional pile on by your peers if you are with or against them!!!!
So the main thing is we "kids" or "young adults" go through a lot of emotional atyachar from all sides and there is no escaping this. When we finally come out of this mess we are different people. Thus, I can only hope that this emotional atyachar may someday lead me to my "real self".

Tauba tera Jalwa
Tauba tera Pyaar
Tera Emotional Atyachar.....

Such is life's diaries...
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  1. Put yourself in our shoes & you will see the atyachaar in all aspects - Friends, Family, Work, Society,'s a never ending vicious circle & it's called LIFE

  2. ayee! mast be! love ur posts! :D

  3. Eh peeves i just saw your comment
    thanks ya!


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