Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love Yourself....

I am sure everyone has their sets of break ups and patch ups...and I don't mean only romantically these break ups and patch ups can be with friends too...
I mean you fight with a friend not talk for a while and then get back together...and sometimes it turns so nasty that you don't even want to look at that person's face. Let that person be an awesome friend but when it comes to nastiness we throw away everything that we had and be all gung-ho about ruining each other's reputation!!

Every little thing is forgotten and all the good things that the person did are forgotten all the good traits in that person are forgotten and all that is seen is how nasty or fake or psycho that person really is!! Eventually what tends to happen though is sometimes you start believing what the other person says about you. So if a person calls you a fake or a psycho you actually start believing that person.

This is where the mistake lies. You have thousands of people that believe you and love you for what you are but that one comment by a person who basically shouldn't matter in your life affects you. you go through so much pain just to change that particular thing in you (if it is in your hands).

What we forget is "LOVE YOURSELF". You are awesome the way you are. No one has the right to make you feel inferior but you. When you feel you are inferior you somehow become one. Why should you let what someone else who doesn't even know you decide what you feel about yourself!! Loving yourself is an Art that needs to be taught. You are the only person who can teach yourself this!!!

You have to train yourself not to get defensive and not to believe in what other people have to say for you!!! Who the hell are they???? somewhere down the line you will end up finding yourself and that is when you will be able to handle yourself in any crisis situation keeping your cool and dignity.

Okay all this is theoretical. When it comes to an actually crisis, practically, you can never keep your cool cause the opposite person always tend to press your sensitive buttons that make you feel that you have to defend yourself,your name your personality!!! But this is not the case. No one can harm your 'reputation" unless you let them.

So basically its all about YOU!!! Your thoughts, your perspective and your love. Think about yourself whenever you are in a situation like this. People get nasty because that is what they think will save their worth. Making other people feel inferior and worthless is what these kind of people feed on. But giving them that food is on us!!!!!

Well, such is life's diaries.....
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  1. That was amazing kannagi!!!
    Thats why i keep dont restrict live for the romantic relationship pr friends or families.. Love everybody and especially yourself. Aftre all you your self need your own love as well.

    A mere comment by some person shouldnt bother you at all. They have absoulte no idea what you must have been through to be where you are. So let them blabber whatever they want to say, you affect yourself by it.

    Well written!!


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