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Technological Love - Hi tech Relationships

Well I have written about Love and Romance and the perfect guy and the Mr. Prince Charming. I am not saying that they don't exist. Sometimes they are just with all the wrong girls and by the time they get to you think they are not right but then they turn out to be absolutely right!

Phew!!! Okay that was confusing! Well all this is confusing. I mean before dating a guy was only something that would happen in school or college as that was the only place where you did meet guys!! NOW!! There is Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and what not!! And if that isn't enough there is always the blackberry fever.

Technology has also become a dating pool for youngsters today. Not that it is a bad thing. I mean I have seen success stories where people meet online and sparks happen but really that's like one in maybe a hundred.

Though that still doesn't stop us from making friends online. Talking to them, sometimes getting personal. Relationships have now become more virtual than face to face. Again I don't mean to say that I am against it I am just saying that maybe it is getting too far. It was okay that people were "making friendship" with unknown people online I mean it is a good thing to interact with different people and broaden your horizons. So that is okay. You join chat rooms and add unknown people to your facebook and orkut profile. Start talking to them....get a different opinion.

But now you talk to some unknown person online and you start liking the way that person talks or his or her pictures and then the flirting begins. There is no limit to this flirting either! Flirting reaches some other level and then Voila! You tell each other that you like each other. Not knowing how that person is actually in real life. He or she may be hot or sexy in the virtual world but what if he or she turns out to be a pervert in real life. Or someone older than what he or she claims to be!!!

Am I the only one who finds this absurd!! Anyways now you have told each other that you like each other but it doesn't stop there now you start dating ONLINE!!!!! Recently I read in the newspaper about people who got married....wait for it.....ONLINE!!!!!!

Relationships are no longer sacred. They are now Hi-Tech and virtual!! And people actually like it. Relationships are meant to be between 2 people not 2 computers or 2 phones!!! Well hopefully people will realise the importance of an actual relationship or God bless them!!

Well such is Life's Diaries.....

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  1. One thing I would want to add.. The kind of world we live in now is so busy and competetive that people around us,those physically present don't have time to listen to us complain or hear us laugh. Therefore, people turn to "online relationships". Yes, I agree, it is very scary.. You may have never met that person but suddenly the need to chat with them becomes a part of your daily schedule.. The reason is what you wrote in your last bit.. Relationships are no longer sacred.. And therefore the existence of technologial relationships...Its scary,its absurd but its the way of the world right now..Moral of the story, a cup of coffee with a loved one or a movie with a friend may lead to your boss screaming at you at work for reaching late or your sleep getting disrupted, but in the long run, its a true healthy relationship with the person physically present and not virtually around...

  2. You know, I was actually wondering how there aren't articles on this particular topic and voila kanni, you had to bring it up :D
    Keep reading my mind and giving me interesting reads like this :)
    Nice to see you blogging again!

  3. Hey Hairyman..
    I just saw this comment.
    Thank you so much.
    I appreciate it :-)