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Finally!...A Love Story

"Being afraid of attachment lets you detach faster....or does it?"

That night Douglas and Kimberly parted ways. For once on a good note. Douglas just said that he wont speak to Kimberly for a few days. He has started getting attached to her and he can not take another attachment in his life. Kimberly tried all measures possible desperate and otherwise to try to stop Douglas. She thought he would become a stone heart and somewhere she would lose her best friend. But there was no stopping Douglas and that night Kimberly thought was the last night she would see Douglas. 

The next morning Kimberly woke up with a sinking feeling in her stomach about what had happened the previous night. She hadn't felt so close to him ever. Also this was the first time she has revealed something about her life to someone else. She had told him about one of her darkest times...She was happy that it had happened.

She woke up and she went about her daily chores. Took a nice long shower and got ready to go meet a friend. Meanwhile her mobile telephone was somewhere in her room and she hadn't looked at it since morning. She was supposed to meet one of her closest friends for breakfast. She thought of Douglas once. But she knew he was at his childhood home. That was his mecca. His temple for utmost peace. The place where he could go and forget all his worries. She was happy he was there. He needed to be there.

So she went towards her mobile telephone to call her friend, Melanie up and figure out her whereabouts. There were a few written messages on her mobile telephone and she checked them in a hurry because she thought it must be Melanie.

"Hey good morning. What are you doing?" The message said. It was Douglas. Shocked as Kimberly was, she was also happy to hear from him in just a few hours. She replied to him and asked him what happened and  why did he write her a message. He just asked her why shouldn't he. Kimberly cracked up, she couldn't stop laughing at this....and then started and endless series of meeting each other. They met every single day! They wanted to see each other. Their day seemed to be incomplete without meeting each other.

While they were meeting each other, Patricia also met them. She was  usually around and they loved having her around too. A few weeks of that and all three of them were closer than ever. But now it was time for Patricia to go out for a vacation for a fortnight. She was going to the land of gold. She most definitely needed it. 

Those few days Douglas and Kimberly kept meeting each other. They started getting close. Started knowing each other better. They were getting attached to each other, more attached than they have been ever before. They had now become a habit for each other. They now couldn't go without meeting each other even for a day. They started spending more and more time together. It was wintertime now. Another one of Kimberly's favourite seasons. One of the winter nights, Kimberly went to attend a Birthday gala of her close friend from her college. She asked Douglas to pick her up from the "hot" place and drop her home. Surprisingly, Douglas was more than willing for this. 

That night he picked her up from the gala at the "hot" place. Kimberly was wearing a pretty pink and gold dress but unfortunately it wasn't suited for the weather. So she asked Douglas if she could borrow his jacket and he very gallantly gave it to her. That was a start of something different....their feelings were changing and so were they. Once when they  were talking on the phone, Douglas suddenly told Kimberly that he loved her. Just like that...he just said it. 

Kimberly was stunned.....she didn't know what to say. It felt like a cat caught her tongue....
What did she say to him? 

Well Such is life's diaries.....

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