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If something is meant to happen, good or bad, the universe, your thoughts, your actions and your life, they all conspire to make it happen!

She could've gone to her regular coffee shop. Cute, quaint little place right below her apartment building. They knew her order, they always had her favourite table vacant and ready and no one bothered her while she wrote, worked, read or just stared into space. It was her comfort place. She could've gone there, but that day she woke up to heavy rains. She loved them. Everything about them. She thought it was just one out of the blue shower and then it was back to the sultry heat. She got about to doing her chores, when it was time for her to leave, it was still raining.

It was all pretty and green with the smell of mud. She could've left just then, but then wasn't a good time, cause she spilled the remaining tea in her mug on herself. She had to change and take a shower once again to get rid of all the gook. By now it was back to drizzling.

She got down from her apartment building, after the whole ordeal and was making her way to the cafe, it started raining a little more, it was raining now, not drizzling. But it wasn't that heavy. Suddenly, she fancied a walk. In the rain. The cafe isn't going anywhere, she thought. She went up and picked up her brolly, which earlier on she had happily sauntered off without.

As she walked the rains got a little heavier, it didn't bother her. She loved them. Everything about them. About 40 minutes into her stroll she came across another cafe, as quaint even cuter than her regular spot. By now there was thunder and lightening. She thought she would grab a coffee while she waited for the rains to slow down.

She never knew that cafe was here, never heard about it. It was everything she liked in a cafe. Less people, soft music, fairy lights! (Yes she was weird like that). This cafe had a sweet concept, they had small tables and then they had really big ones where many people could sit together, unknown ones. It was an interesting concept. Usually, she would pick a small corner table and observe. But this time, something happened, she sat at one of the sharing tables. That's where she saw him. Tall, his legs were places sideways, they didn't fit under the table, deep dimples but a royal mess! She kept staring at his bag, she loved bags. As she sat down, she whispered, "damn! Nice bag!"

"You can have it if you'd like," he said. Whoops, she thought to herself, apparently my whisper isnt soft enough. Note to self: work on your whisper or just don't say things out loud. She was embarrassed. She just smiled and introduced herself. They got talking and they realised they were extremely similar, they loved reading, not the same kind of books, but yeah. They both loved the flavour of cinnamon. The same kind of music. They had been there for hours, she happened to glance outside, it had stopped raining. They decided to finally leave. "Do you come here often?," she asked him. "Nope. This is the first time I've ever come here. I didn't know this was here!"

Yes, she could've gone to her usual cafe, grabbed her usual spot and done her usual stuff.
But, then again...

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