Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prince Charming? - V

As they walked away from each other she realised she hadn’t even seen him.

He hadn’t seen her!

What if in the mess they don’t find each other again?

Was he from her office or somewhere else?

How would she know?

Damn, how will she find him? She can’t stare at the smiles of every boy in the room!

How could she have been so stupid?

She could have taken his mask off!

What if he was dating someone else?

Who was he???

Damn it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! The wishes and screams and shouts and fireworks engulfed her thoughts. She wished and hugged everyone in sight. Suddenly, she forgot all about the smiley stranger. Everyone was having fun, rushing around hugging everyone even if they didn’t know each other. Clinking glasses, laughing, it was all so merry. She was hugged, it felt familiar, as she pulled away, there it was, the smile. He was there, Mr. Smiley, hugging her, wishing her.

She took his mask off in one swift move. She couldn’t believe what she saw; it was one of her bosses. Someone she had worked with a lot, but she never had noticed the smile, or the stance, also because they were too busy hating each other. She decided to keep her mask on, wish him and walk away. Damn, how could she have felt like this around him? It’s not possible.

Finally, it was time to leave. The majestic ball was over, cars were lining up at the entrance as people started to disperse. She was waiting for her car too, when she spotted him, mask less, smiling, handsome.

Screw it.

She took off her mask, and walked right up to him.

“Hi Richard.”

“Hi Kimberly,” he was clearly stunned.

“Well, it was weird what happened today. I felt something that I haven’t felt in really long. I know somehow we haven’t spoken about anything apart from work, but I kinda liked what happened today. So, umm… as much as I am going to regret this in the morning, if you felt the same just call me or text me or just communicate somehow and if not, well it was a pleasure talking to you, dancing with you and I hope this doesn’t affect us professionally."

She didn’t wait for a response, she couldn’t! Her car was here and she had lost her nerve. She had a million weird thoughts about how she was going to face him at work the next day. How was she going to get over the awkward moments? She made exit strategies and flight plans and she got home. As soon as she got in, she checked her phone.

“Hi Kimberly.
As usual you just did not let me talk, but I am not surprised because you do not normally. But if you would have, I would have told you the same things you said to me. So, thank you for being the prince charming here and taking that walk towards me and I would love to see you. At work and otherwise. Coffee tomorrow?  I know it is a holiday, but you wouldn’t mind it, would you? See you.

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