Monday, May 16, 2016

The Monday blues

Murphy’s law!

Murphy and Monday – Never trust anything with an M. It is the worst day, the worst thing. Everything stupid and daft crops out of an M.

Kimberly hated everything about Mondays, mayhem and murphy’s law, and somehow they all came together on that one day. Nothing seemed right. The alarm wouldn’t wake her up, (it doesn’t matter that she hit snooze at least 15 times and accidentally dismissed the alarm), the shower didn’t work properly, (doesn’t matter that she actually had to get it fixed over the weekend), the top that she decided to wear had a hole in it, so she had to find something else and iron that all over again, (the hole, something that she had been cribbing about for more than a month), it was all just going wrong.

As she finally got dressed her coffee machine decided to malfunction, “no no no no no,” she thought to herself, “this is not happening, you expect me to take a Monday on without coffee”, she said yelling at no one in particular. She happened to glance at her clock while cursing her non-existent guardian angel who was clearly on leave, and she was late!

Hopped up on nothing but anger she shoved her essentials into her bag and rushed down to her car, without her keys. She rushed back up got her keys and finally got ready to leave. She decided she would make do with the crappy office coffee, survival was the order of the day. While driving she was hatching a plan to sneak past conversations and people, because before coffee on a Monday there was no way they would be handled.

Obviously, she hit all the red signals knowing very well that she was late, they made sure she didn’t even have a scope of getting to work early. Finally, she was parked and out of her car in one sweeping motion, hurrying towards the elevator and rushing to her office. She dumped her bags at her desk and started towards the pantry. But as her non-existent guardian angel would have it, she bumped into super happy, morning person, carpe diem Kathy who just LOVED Monday mornings. She insisted on accompanying Kimberly to the pantry while “filling her in” on what she did over the weekend.

We went out for lunch to this beautiful French bistro with this couple we absolutely love, they are such amazing people and we were so glad to catch up with them. We had a lot of food and then went in for a movie. Jim wanted to watch another one of his stupid superhero movies and I had promised him last week when he saw the ballet with me that I would let him pick the movie. When I sat through the movie though I actually liked, that was amazing. So, what did you do?

Kimberly wasn’t listening to the tirade; she was busy thinking why the way to the pantry was never-ending. As she was asked the question she visualised her weekend of sleeping with a box of pizza and catching up on all the TV shows and movies she had missed.

You know I just had some me time this weekend. Just pampered myself and you know relaxed.

Kathy responded with an okay, cool, but she had that look in her eyes, that look of pity, the look that said, “I'm sorry you are so sad and lonely, crazy cat lady.”

Great, Kimberly thought to herself, that’s what I need with my morning coffee, a side of fresh pity sprinkled with disdain. Luckily, Kathy remembered she had to do something as she reached the pantry and she politely excused herself much to Kimberly’s glee. As she rejoiced and did a little jig, she heard a snigger. She looked around at the table and there he was, tall, rugged, soft, cute, Matt. She murmured an apology and started brewing her coffee, suddenly she caught movement from the corner of her eye and before she knew it Matt was standing beside her.

You dance really well.

Oh yeah, I know! My shower, clothing rack and TV think so too. I’m a star where I come from.

Sounds awesome! I am now officially a fan too. By the way, do you remember when I helped you out with the laptop trouble last week?

Of course, how could I forget! That was huge! Thank you again for it.

Well, you said then that you owed me one, can I use that one for you to teach me how to dance? Maybe tonight after work?

Oh damn. Well I did say that. I am very possessive of my talents, but because you practically saved my life, let’s do it!

Cool, I’ll stop by your desk then post work. See you!

And just like that Monday morning blues turned into bright red blossoms, and she realised not all bad things stem from the letter M.

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