Thursday, January 26, 2017

A routine life

“Why the whole separation thing?”

It was one of those, Kimberly as usual had binge watched her favourite movies and now she was ready to discuss something else that she noticed was common among all the stories; and her favourite victim as always was Lucas.

“I don’t get it. Why are we suckers for separation? Why does it affect us so much when lovers have problems and go away from each other and reunite, as opposed to them staying together? Look at our parents; they’ve stayed together all this while. Through whatever it is that they had to go through, why isn’t anyone rooting for them?”

Lucas had stopped listening at why are we.

“Kim, why do you watch this stuff? Every Sunday we watch this garbage, you dissect it, I read and we move on. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!”

“I love it! Are you kidding? I am one of those suckers; I just want to know why? Curiosity isn’t a bad thing Lucas.”

He knew he was in for a long evening. He took his bowl of pasta and made himself comfortable on the couch, while Kimberly was bundled up in a corner with hers. This was a usual occurrence, he had known her for years, they had their rituals and this was one of them. Going back to the first time when they started hanging out, or as Kimberly liked to call it, ‘spending time together, we are not hanging off tree branches Lucas’, Kimberly was always feeling passionately about something or the other. She had very strong opinions about a lot of things, and while she did not thrust those opinions on you, she liked to discuss them, at length and also hear your views on the same.

The first time they met she felt passionately about how pineapples did not belong on pizza. “If you like pineapple,” she said, “more power to you. But how can you eat fruit with something that is so gorgeously perfect.” They were extremely similar in some ways and very different in a few ways; simple things like they hated having nick names and hated people who shortened their names. Ironically in the beginning to annoy each other, they started calling each other by shortened names, which kind of got stuck now.

“LUKE! You’d better not be zoning me out. The pasta is not that good, so that as an excuse is not going to work!”

“I am listening to you. You were talking about how our parents have been together and do not have a fictional story with all the drama, but still have lasted so long. No one talks about this stuff,” he replied smugly.

“I am impressed. Yes, that is what I was saying. Why the separation? I do not understand why the whole airport hugging scene or the sudden realization in the rain is so gosh-darn beautiful! I mean it is also beautiful that my father still waits on my mother for dinner, or that my mother turns into a headless chicken if my dad isn’t at home in the evening. But why isn’t that tear inducing?”

This discussion went on until the wee hours of the morning with Kimberly throwing rhetorical questions and then not answering them herself. Lucas fell asleep on the couch with the bowl of pasta, as he always does. She finally stood up, cleaned up and made herself comfortable on the couch too. It is weird how everything falls into a routine and you don’t even realize that it has transpired.

Kimberly was trying to get a hold on Lucas, it was one of those times when he was travelling for work and she had something extremely important she had to say to him. She had figured something out, and she didn’t know who else to say it to. He was on his way back, she had forgotten she was supposed to meet him.

As soon as that realization dawned on her, she rushed to the location where she was supposed to meet him. She ran her fastest and hugged him as hard as she could, while he was in the middle of a conversation with someone else. He didn’t say anything; just let her do her thing. Then she commenced her word vomit.

“LUKE I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! My parents didn’t need tear inducing moments; they didn’t want anyone to root for them. They were rooting for each other! They did not have time for separation; they were busy coming together and making their life work together. Drama was what they dealt with together, which is why there was none of it in between them. They weren’t selfish, they didn’t want love; they wanted to give love. Luke! I am rooting for you and you’re rooting for me too! We are our parents, we don’t need an airport scene, and we just know we are a scene, a sight, an amazing sight, together! Luke we are getting married. I know it is going to happen,” she said, practically in one breath.

Finally, Lucas put his hand in his pocket; while she refused to stop hugging him, and took the ring out that he had been carrying for over a year.

“I am rooting for you Kim.”
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