Monday, June 12, 2017

Not the time

Dear Lover,

I wish we had met in another lifetime or earlier in this one. When naivety was at its peak, when the heart controlled the brain and the brain listened. When the difference between those romantic books and movies and real life hadn't come through.  

I wish you were my best friend as we grew up, living across my house. Us, growing up together, seeing the other grow up. Just one of those things where we came together because we were just there, opposite to one another geographically and mentally. We just fit in right. We'd cross all our milestones together and be a part of each other like there was nothing else in the world to be a part of. 

I wish you were my high school sweetheart. We'd secretly hold hands under our desks, sneak glances across lunch and try and get to know each other in between classes. You'd be my homework buddy, we'd talk about life, our futures together and promise each other that we'd be together forever. Date nights would be about sharing a milkshake with 2 straws and coming back home from school, where holding hands would be a big step and saying I love you would just be a way of greeting each other. 

I wish we'd met before we had our first heartbreaks, before the need for a career consumed our lives. Before we hated our bodies and thought everyone was better than us. Before the society and responsibilities got to us. 

But most of all, I wish you met me when we thought, love was enough. 


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