Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creativity in the Classroom...

Hey guys..

I am writing after a long time AGAIN. Gosh!! But I have been so busy with my newly started “Degree College”. Its been so hectic. I mean first of all waking up in the morning and sometimes as early as 5:30…ugghhh…It is fun also though. Waking up before everyone does and when you wanna take a nap I can taunt them. Hehe *evil smirk*.

Okay so as everyone knows so the best things happen in the worst conditions. This post is about the creativity that is generated in the hot and sweaty and oh so drab and boring classroom. We have communications skills as a subject which is basically about English language. So we started with ‘Dialogue Writing’. We had to write a dialogue with the most unlikely people who could come together in the most unexpected situation. So heres what my group and me came up with. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Situation : Local Train - Ladies Compartment

Characters : Cat Woman (CW), Shin Chan(SC) and Kareena Kapoor (KK).

Cat Woman is on the top of the train. (it’s illegal but c’mon she is a surper her).

Shin Chan : Ooooo…Ladies Compartment…(Climbs in)

Cat Woman : (grabbing SC) Hey Kid where is your mom???

SC : (pointing at a woman in a burkha) That’s my mom. Now let go of me…

CW : (pulling SC towards the woman) Ma’am please take care of your child. Please Dont abandon him like that. How can you let your child wander off like that??

Woman in the burkha : Excuse Me!! I am not even married..

CW : That doesn’t give you the right to abandon your child on a local train. Do you know it is a crime??

Meanwhile, Shin Chan has looked under the burkha and found out that the woman is actually Kareena Kapoor.

SC : Mummy Mummy…How can you leave me on the station?? I was soo scared…(feigns fear)

KK : Dude stop irritating me! You must be mistaken your mother must be somewhere else.

SC : (wailing) My mummy doesn’t love me no more. Now she likes that uncle with the tattoo more than me *sob sob*

Other Passenger are shocked and start gossiping.

KK : Listen Kid who I love is none of your buisness. So just go on and find your real mother.

CW : Ma’am how inconsiderate of you….How can you harass your child like this??

KK : You are talking about Harassment?? I am being harassed here and instead of solving my problem you are screaming at me?? Do you even know who I am??

SC : Crying loudly..including sobs…

CW : I don’t care evn if you are mayawati. You cannot harass your child like that.

SC : I don’t want to stay with this dirty momie. You take me home.. (clings on to CW’s leg)

KK : Whatever!!

CW : Sure I will take you home. But tell me your name first baby..

SC : My name is Shin Chan Nohera. I am 5 years old. I love Capsicum. I love watching Action Kamene. I know I am cute. I know you can’t resist me So, am I the man for you??

CW : Ma’am (exasperated) What have you taught you child?? He is so manner less. Please take him away this instant.

KK : Dude what part of my words dont you understand? he is not my Kid…because (removes her burkha) I am Kareena Kapoor…

CW : Oh so you are the new kid on the block. Whats the big hullabaloo about your “size zero”? I have a better body. I also fight in stilletoes.

KK : How dare you? I am the one who’s name is on Saif’s arm..hmph…

Suddenly, Kareena and Cat Woman indulge in a Catfight.

Shin Chan : Fight ! Fight ! Fight ! Fight !

Please do tell me even if you dislike it.

I also have a question Why does creativity take place under the worst conditions?

Well such is life’s diaries…

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  1. You forgot catching up with TV also is becoming hectic:)


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