Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Insomniac Thoughts!!

Well here i am at precisely 12:24 AM.....

I suddenly remembered that i have a blog and this would be a good time to write something because as usual NO SLEEP and nothing else to do....
So I am listening to Dil To Bacha Hai Ji and suddenly realise I am singing along with it!!!

Singing at a loud enough voice to wake up the dogs sleeping down in my building....cause they are the only ones who can hear me!!!!!

Well I just had an heart to heart with my friend and it feels awesome *language decode* I just bitched about a lot of people and that makes me feel better about myself :-)

Why these random thoughts? Well I am not getting sleep so i am writing down all the thoughts bobbing into my head!! Okay finally one thought.....

Its crazy how you talk to an unknown person and it just clicks. You just love talking to that person and then suddenly that person just becomes and important in you life....Just Like That!!!!! It has happened to me so many times that i have lost count......But it feels great!!!!

Another thought that came up in my head is.....that sometimes you give someone so much importance in your life that that person becomes the priority in your life. I don't mean this in the context of an actual boyfriend - girlfriend love relationship. But just a normal friendship too. You may have known person for a very short period of time but suddenly that person means everything to you. Then just as suddenly as that person comes he/she just vanishes from your life....suddenly again!!!! It leaves you hurt and makes you wonder was I really that bad? Did I really deserve this? The one thing I have learned from my friends is NO ONE IS WORTH YOUR TEARS!!!

You will find better people who deserve you and your love and to fill up the empty spaces in your heart.....and that's when you will forget self doubt...

That's enough philosophy for a day....or rather night.....Insomniac has found someone else to bug....

New post soon (a promise to myself...write regularly!!!)

Such is life's diaries........
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  1. hey i know its jus last nite tht we first spoke! but i hope tht im not jus someone who is new nemore! il be there wen eva yu need to tok :) n yes yor rite no ones worth yor tears! if ppl are worth yu they will neva hurt yu :)im yor follower now! :) blogg more often :D 4n an insomaniac to another ! thanks for sharing :)

  2. pixie you are so not new anymore :) it was great talking to another insomniac.....and its just so sweet of you to care so much :) and i am there for you to always too...

  3. This too shall pass.....Remember my poem


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