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Romantic Thoughts

I have always wondered about what would be your ideal love story???

I mean I always listen to the beautiful love stories that my friends tell me. I mean the looking at one another....the first time they spoke to each other and then finally the proposal...and it need not be for marriage....

One thing i know is at the end of every story there is only one thing i have to say and that is awwwwwwwwww :-) and the "aww" is used profusely too and sometimes just with a slight element of choking up!!

So every story is ideal for everyone. Someone may just like the going on the knees soppy proposal with flowers someone may just like a "would you be my girlfriend?" whispered to them when they cross that special someone in the hallway. This simple sentence is all that matters whether it is said in an extravagant way or just in a simple way.

The only thing that matters is that it is conveyed before it is too late! No regret no feeling of "i wish i had told him this earlier".

So what is an ideal love story or rather an ideal proposal? And how do you know it is the one you want?? Well, YOU DONT!! All you know is that this is the person you wanna be with....for a long time..hopefully! I am not going to spin the stuff about Ever after here.

But when I come to think of it the best proposal is always the simplest and the sweetest. Like the whispering in the hallway, or just asking while having lunch.."hey you wanna be my girlfriend?" and the sudden blush that comes to you face when you ask "Are you serious?" or just that special someone passes you a note in class saying " Do you like __________?" "tick YES or NO". All this brings that sudden rush of blood to your face.

SO I guess what I am trying to say is that you don't find your ideal love story till you are a part of one....Till then you can just imagine but the real story may be completely opposite and you may still love it? I would love to hear you ideal love stories and proposals.

Well such is life's diaries...

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  1. Ideal Love Story is completely over rated, trust me.