Monday, August 22, 2011

A Love Story..

Well I have been writing so much about the perfect love stories and the prince charming and "made for each other". Well here is one love story that everyone may relate too but still find it extremely romantic and sappy....the perfect "awwww" love story...

Once upon a time, A boy meets a girl at a beautiful place in the monsoon, where they and other people their age are having a blast. Of course the monsoon blast is under the supervision of Damian, the lovely man who loves to dance. The boy and girl do not exactly meet. They come there to the same place for the blast but each with their own set of people.

The girl, a very charming yet a little bit of an introvert comes along with the few of her friends and they have their teeny tiny little party at the back of the beautiful place. The place was called the 'room of mirrors'. Every corner had a mirror. So, she and her friends would have their own little party at the back of this room. The girl though cute was not the most beautiful belle of the ball. Infact she might have been the least. But, she was only a girl not yet blossomed. When she danced, she forgot everything and just danced because she loved to do so. That is the only time when she didn't mind people looking at her. Otherwise she was awfully shy.

The boy on the other hand was almost on his way to becoming a man. He was tall and handsome and he knew that. He was very arrogant. He would come to the room every single time all alone. But would talk to people around him. The room full of mirrors was his most favourite as he could look at himself as much as he wanted. He was also a good dancer and again he knew that too. Most of the belles in the room had something going for him. MOST. He too had something going for a few of them.

Their worlds were different....
She was at the back of her room trying not to be seen. He was right in the front, not caring that everyone was looking.
She danced alone....she was scared she would hurt the other men who would dance with her. He would dance with a new belle everyday.
She didnt care if he existed or no. Nor did He. That was the only common thing they had...

One of those days, a very close friend of the girl wanted to mingle with the boy. The girl being the friend that she was decided that she would be her friend's wingman, while she tried to woo the Man. That was the only time the girl and the boy spoke to each other. Just pleasantries ofcourse....

Then came the sad news...monsoon was over and so was the blast...
The room full of mirrors was now shutting was time for everyone to part ways. Though everybody didnt speak to each other. That one day they decided to break all barriers and speak to each other. Dance with each other. Have fun one last time. There were promises in the air to keep in touch. But none of them knew when? where? and how?

That day everyone talked. They sat down around the room in a circle and spoke to each other. There were two people sitting in between the boy and the girl. One of the beautiful belles said something shocking and the whole room went quiet. Only one sound could be heard. Someone had expressed their thoughts by immitating a donkey...The girl instantly cracked up and she wanted to know who did it. The boy told her he did it, and then started an instant conversation that went on all night. The boy and the girl spoke to each other, danced with each other and even told each other that they would keep in touch. Suddenly he didn't seem so arrogant now....and suddenly they weren't strangers...

But They didnt even know each other's names and they parted ways.....

What happened next?
Well you will have to wait to find out.....

Such is Life's diaries....
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  1. Sounds very familiar...Love the way it has been written..Thoda like my snowman story..:)

  2. yes...
    i always wanted a fairytale didn't I :-)

  3. u js wanted a fairy tale.. and there was ur prince standing... with open arms.. just to receive u.. cz ur worth every bit... wish u both a lovely life and always togetherness :) <3

  4. Anonymus
    no he wasnt standing there with open arms but that was the best part about this story
    ofcourse now his arms open only for me....

  5. omgggggggggggggggggggggg i lovvvvvvvvvve it ....this is ur lover sushant

  6. Thank you so much Sushant
    Much Love :-*


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