Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baarish Playlist...

My favorite season is here! I love the monsoons…I love everything about this season. The cliché stuff..the smell of wet mud, chai, pakoras, sitting on the balcony watching it rain, getting wet in those rains, falling sick, fighting with the cold, the muck, the mess, EVERYTHING! I will repeat myself there is nothing that I hate about the monsoons. But my favorite thing is sitting with a hot mug of hot chocolate near the window, reading my favorite romance novel and listening to my favorite monsoon songs. So here are my top 10 favorites….and then some others as I remember them..
(They aren’t in the order of preference or anything, I love listening to all of them usually on shuffle. And that is how this list is shuffled!)

#1 Life is Calling (Wake up Sid)

This is a song I recently heard. Much after the release of the movie. It was instant love when I heard this song. This is the song that plays in the background when in the end Ranbir reads the article and runs to Konkana in the rain and hugs her. I always wanted that. Hugging and kissing in the rain. It is so picturesque. Rain just makes everything that much more beautiful!

#2 Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai (Shree 420)

Who can forget the beautiful moment of Raj Kapoor and Nargis under one umbrella. That scene was, is and will remain one of the most beautiful scenes in the history of the hindi cinema. But that is not why I like this song. I like this song because of the sheer simplicity of the music. It is soothing and calming and the lyrics are beyond fantastic.
“Raatein dason dishaaon se kahengi apni kahaniyan
Geet hamare pyaar ke dohorayegi jawaniyaan
Main na rahoongi, tum na rahogi, phir bhi rahegi nishaaniyan”

#3 Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi si (Chalti ka naam Gaadi)

Super happy song! Love the simplicity, the musicality and sheer brilliance of Kishore Kumar’s voice in this song. So Magical and yet so funny. There is a lot of “chedd chaad” but not creepy, cheap or vulgar. I love dancing to this song.

#4 Saawan Barse Tarse Dil (Dahek)

Frankly I haven’t seen this movie. But this song has been on my monsoon playlist for the longest time. I love the music and more so the love the romantic backdrop. This song makes me happy. Makes everything around me feel beautiful.

#5 Rimjhim Rimjhim (1942- A Love Story)

Manisha Koirala’s finest movies, and one of the movies where she looked awesomely beautiful. Again this song also I love for its simplicity and soothing music. It makes me look at thunder, lightening and rain in a completely different light.
“Bajta hai jal tarang, tin ki chatt pe jab,
motiyon jaisa jal barse..
phoolon ki ye jhadi laayi hai wo ghadi, jiske liye hum tarse”

#6 Jo haal dil ka (Sarfarosh)

Fantastic movie with one of the most amazing sound tracks in the history of indian cinema. This one had the amazing gazal “hoshwaalon ko khabar kya”. This song though is my favorite because of the passion and romance that you feel when you listen to this song. Even if you don’t watch it, just listening to the song alone gets you Goosebumps. It is one of those passionate songs that epitomize monsoon romance.

#7 Aakhon se tune ye (Ghulam)

Another one of those romantic passionate numbers. Listening to this song makes me want to fall in love all over again. Love that is so passionate, so blinding that you can see nothing and no one else. A love where words aren’t needed. A love that takes away the solitude of a dark night. A love that makes your heart skip a beat, it just warms you up.

#8 Rimjhim Gire Saawan (Manzil)

One of my oldie favorites!  I love old songs and my entire playlist is mostly full of them. Especially my everyday and reading playlist. But this one is one my repeat songs. I love listening to this song, sometimes on loop. Again this song is simple, yet it has the passion and romance that is very clearly depicted through the lyrics.

#9 Tu hi Re (Bombay)

This song wasn’t shot in the monsoon nor was it about the monsoons or the rains. But the sheer beauty and purity of this song makes its way to my heart. This song is my all season favorite and is in my everyday playlist! I just love this song. Why, what, how? Well I love this song beyond any reason. The love and devotion in this song is the reason why people want to fall in love again and again even after getting their heart shattered. This song gives me the hope that somewhere someone will be that devoted to me.
“sau baar bulaaye main sau baar aaoon,
ik baar jo dil diya,
ik aankh roye to duji bolo,
soyegi kaise bhala”

#10 Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2)

This song made its way into my heart and my playlist the day the teaser of this movie was released. This song is simple in the extreme sense of that word. The lyrics are absolutely clear and beautiful. The music is minimal and that is the charm of this song. The voice is hypnotizing.

So that’s my monsoon everyday listening playlist. But there are a few songs that I dance to or would love to dance to during the monsoons…here they are quickly..
Chak dhum dhum (Dil to pagal hai), Taal se taal mila (Taal), Mere khwabon mein jo aaye (Dilwaale Dulhaniya le Jaayenge), Tip Tip Barsa Paani (Mohra), Aaj Rapat Jaaye (Namak Halaal), Ab ke saawan (Shubha Mudgal), Ab ke baras (Shweta Menon) and there are a lot more that I just cant remember!

Monsoons for me is the most romantic season. Romance, passion and love is what monsoon is for me. Every girl wants to be kissed in the rain. Wants to share an umbrella with that special someone or even take a walk in the rain with him. But rains also teach us to be pure, be someone or something that when you touch something it becomes beautiful. Purify things around you and don’t get contaminated by them. And if you can’t purify just wash over them and move on…..

Happy Monsoon! Love and be loved…and not just by the special someone…love yourself and love the people around you…

Dekho bearish ho rahi hai..It’s raining..its raining…its raining....
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