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Well 2013 has whooshed past. I literally have no memory of where a few months have gone. They have gone away, like when someone leaves. You don't remember how they leave, but you remember why. 2013 is what I like to call a “surprise I haven't killed someone or myself year”. Not just me but it was like this for a lot of people surprisingly. Something that everyone had in common? We are at the end of it all but we don't know how we got here. This isn't some bogus new year resolution blog post where I will tell people how I want to lose 10 more kgs (which I should), nor will I get philosophical about things. This is a basic countdown about the 10 bad things in 2013 that I want to let go of and 10 awesome things I want to bring in for 2014. Like the declaration in “The clique” if any of you have see that movie.


10. Self- Doubt
I have never been a person who has been very self assured, but something happened in my life this year that made me feign self assurance. It feels great. So instead of pretending I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

9. A Line Tops
I always thought tops that clinch at the bust and flare at the bottom will make me look slimmer. That style has been a part of my wardrobe for the longest time and well, I stand corrected. They look hideous on me and I should've figured that out ages ago. So bye bye weird A line tops.

8. Saying YES
I have always been a yes person. I always make time. I always figure out a way. That needs to go. I have realized in recent times that people take me for granted because of that. I will always be available but if I feel like hanging out or doing something somehow people wouldn't adjust their own plans for mine.

7. French Manicure
I have had french manicures for god knows how long. Every time I decide I will do something different but then I come down to doing the same thing all over again. So they need to go. This year I decide not to do french manicures at all.
(Well okay lets be realistic, I know I will want to do them at some point soon. But for at least 6 months, NO FRENCH MANICURE!)

6. Waste time around negativity
I have a problem. When I see someone going through negativity even if it isnt related to me I make sure I get into it. I will help, explain, talk and try and sort things out. That makes me very negative all the time. So negativity will be out COMPLETELY. Even if it means avoiding the people who are negative.

5. Hoarding
I am a hoarder. I hoard everything. Be it from things, to people. Basically useless things, or problems or situations. Everything will be in me, in my heart, in my closet. In the recent times I have donated stuff and I have felt amazing about it. Well that teaches me to do the same with the inside of my head. So basically, everything extra and useless will be out.

4. Not voicing my opinion
I am not rigid by nature. I am flexible. I do not like arguing with people about useless things. So even if I have a different opinion about something, I will seldom voice that opinion. It is about time I start.

3. Pav Bhaji
I have had so much PAV BHAJI in this year, especially since APRIL when I started abstinence from cheese. My options to eat out have become limited and well Pav Bhaji seems like the easiest option. ENOUGH! No more PAV BHAJI. I am not even saying, you know what.

2. Explaining myself
Even if I am right, I must have spent more than half of this year just explaining myself to people. Convincing them I was right, nice or that I feel a particular way. Well enough of that. Now when I know I am right, I will keep mum. If someone wants to believe something about me they will, regardless.

1. Caring about the opinion of other people
I have always been a conscious person. Conscious about what people might think about me. Actually not all people, but the people close to me. My near and dear ones. Sometimes I would bend over backwards to make them believe something about me, or to change something they think about me. That needs to stop. I need to keep away from doing that. I have learnt, the people who really do care, will always think of you in the best light.

These are the things I want to bring back or introduce to my life.

10. Cheese
Starting April 22nd 2014 I will start eating cheese. I will never let it go.

9. Mature conversations
I am tired of having conversations just for the heck of it. I will now revel in intellectual or mature conversations or not converse at all.

8. Soft Toys
A while back I stopped buying soft toys, thinking I was older now and I should behave my age. Well that is absolutely NOT working out for me. I don't care what my age is, I want a cuddly thing, no SEVERAL cuddly things in my room. Always have, always will.

7. Happy Thoughts
I want to stop thinking about bad things or bad things about something. I just want to be happy, shiny and spread cheer. Insecurity is a bitch.

6. Mills and Boon
A while back I stopped reading Mills and Boon because of some reason. But now I am bringing them back. I write love stories and I think that is where my heart lies.

5. Long dresses and Long skirts
I have been weary of wearing dresses and skirts (I do not like my legs). But I have seen recently that long dresses and skirts serve the purpose perfectly. They look great and they hide my legs. So they are definitely in!

4. Coloured clothes.
I am more of a black. Blue, brown type of a colour palette person when it comes to my clothes. Shoes and bags I absolutely do go over the top. But somehow, clothes I do not experiment so much. So here's to pink pants and bright tops.

3. Bright lipsticks
Glosses are my to go things. But recently I have developed this innate liking for lipsticks, especially bright pinks and peaches. So bring them on!

2. People who like me for who I am, the way I am
I have met several people who want me to change, who want me to lose weight, look prettier, talk more, meet more, have fun, drink, cry less, feel less etc. But the thing is, I am who I am, and I am happy the way I am. So I am going to surround myself with people who are okay with who I am. Who ridicule my taste, but do not force me to change. People who I can be my boring self with.
(yes this was a little philosophical.)

1. Write More
I have written a lot in 2013, but that isn't enough. I want to write more, explore different genres of writing, even work harder on my grammar skills. WRITING IS DEFINITELY IN!

Well this was my IN AND OUT LIST. They are in a random order, they are all equally important. They are just placed the way I remembered them while writing.

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  1. Lol....all the best wid all ur resolutions for the year...


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