Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fairytales: Decoded.

Why fairytales?

Why love stories?

Why do we read this stuff, watch it, and secretly or openly weep?
Do we need a hero? Someone to rescue us from our so called monotonous lives? What is it that we are looking for exactly?

By the time we are the age that I am at, we have at least had one or many heartbreaks. The bubble or the cocoon has been broken; we know prince charmings don’t really exist. That Mr. Right now is better than Mr. Right. We don’t have long lists anymore, heck we don’t have lists. We start using words like, understanding, caring, emotionally strong, financially stable and so on.

So why love stories? Why are we still suckers for those kind of things. Why do we read them, see those weepy soppy movies and still drool over a prince charming?

Well here is my answer to these questions.
Fairytales as you grow up, grow with you. When you were a child it wasn’t really about the prince charming if you remember it right. It was about the magic, the fairy godmother, the pretty gown, the talking birds and rats, the pumpkin turning into a carriage, the wand waving, etc. It was all about the magic, we saw the happiness in these things, and the fact that ‘poof’ made things happens. We were protected then, Santa Claus was real so was the tooth fairy.

You grow up a little more and it is definitely about the dress up. Come fancy dress and everyone wants to be a princess (I was a crow, but never mind that). It was about the sparkly shoes and the pretty dresses and gowns. Again no prince charming. He was just someone, the clothes were the stars.

Then enter the boys, and suddenly these fairytales become boy centric. Everyone wants the true love’s kiss, and that one guy who was supposedly the one. This was when our judgment got a little clouded. We fell for douchebags, thinking they were the ones, sometimes they were the right frogs that turned into the amazing prince charmings but then there were also the toads that remained just as they were, even worsened.

See how they grow?

But fairytales are much more than that. They show you that nothing is set in stone, that a chamber maid can become a princess and that the ‘sleep of death’ isn’t forever, you will get out of it. The prince waked Aurora up, but she might also have been woken up by Maleficent. The sleep of death is just like the bad phases we have in our lives, which are plenty, I know.

Fairytales and love stories genuinely tell you that if you’re not happy, it definitely isn’t the end, that does not mean you have to toughen up and ride the sadness or the miserable phase that you are in, but maybe letting go is where you find the next path that takes you to that happy ending. You know how in love stories, at first the woman and the man hate each other, eventually they end up together. They are the most “aww” worthy stories because they help you understand that maybe you don’t like something right away, but it isn’t necessarily bad for you. Maybe your happy ending is something you never thought would make you happy. It isn’t about rushing things, it is about giving yourself time, understanding your phases, knowing when you are ready for the next step and being okay with not being ready. None of the miracle receivers were ever conscious about themselves, they didn’t think about themselves as people who didn’t deserve things or were slow.

But most of all, it teaches you to dream on, to keep faith but still understand when it is time to hold on or let go. Cinderella had faith in her godmother, Rapunzel dreamt about being out of the miserable castle, it was all about faith and dreams and that sometimes is all you need.

Hope. Dream. Understand. Believe. Love.

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