Thursday, August 21, 2014


Sometimes, something, anything can bring happiness to you. It is just about a little something…

Ooh, I love harry potter too,” Kimberly said as she plonked herself down on the sharing table. This was a unique café; it was called ‘Share-a-Tab’. It was a concept, where if there was an empty chair at your table, you have to share it with someone. She was used to coming here, she loved the barista and he loved her right back. Almost her dad’s age and a genius coffee magician, Mark – the barista master – as he would like to call himself, knew just what she wanted every single time.

She was there after a really long time, owing to the stay-cation she had taken post her traumatic break up. Mark was a cute man; he was, even during her stay-in, he would always drop a latte by her house. It was just a few blocks away, he wouldn’t say anything, wouldn’t as to meet her; he would just drop it off. Some days with a note, “I’m here”, it would say or “It’s going to be okay”. Somehow, it helped her.

“Hi Mark!” she yelled over the sound of the steaming cappuccino machine.
“Hi sweetheart, how are you my beautiful one?” he said as he embraced her in a bear hug.
“It is so nice to see you, I need some magic to get me out of this tragicoma. Help me out here!”
“You know I will, it is lovely to see you pretty one.”
“Where do I sit? Point me, as always”
“Why don’t you sit with that nerd with the pile of books there?”
“Hey! That’s not very nice. I am a nerd too and I love reading!”
“Yes but I love you, I don’t think I know him to love him.”
“Oh well! Then that’s okay. I will do as you say sir, just because you love me and I love you right back.”
This was their conversation every time she was there.

“Ooh, I love harry potter too,” she said seating herself with the nerd. “Oh wait, I’m sorry, are you waiting for someone to arrive here, have I taken someone’s seat?” she quickly added.
“Nope, and how do you know I like harry potter?”
“I saw the tattoo on your arm, the deathly hallows? I was going to get them done too, but somehow getting inked hasn’t been on my agenda.”
“Finally someone who understands the meaning of this and doesn’t think it is lame, Hi, I am Nathan.”
“Kimberly…” she said as she took his outstretched hand. Mark smiled.

“Something Mark, sometimes, anything can get you something great. You are that something Mark, not for your cuppa magic or your warm hugs. But you gave me my husband, that day when you asked me to go sit with the nerd. Also, the sense to appreciate good coffee and thanks to you I am now a snob. I don't like any other coffee. You will always be the something that got me everything,” Kimberly said as she hugged her beloved, the love of her life, her savior and her one and only SOMETHING, one last time.
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