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An inkling...

So here is the thing…

We like bad boys, not villains. People who have lost their way, not the ones that revel in the lost way. Guys who are misunderstood, not the ones that are impossible to understand.

The difference? Negativity.

A bad boy is someone who is tough, even ruthless, but that is sometimes a front to hide a positive and if not a positive than an unhealed wound. He is someone who is misunderstood because no one is patient enough to see through it all. To find, that, whatever ‘that’ is. A wound, a pain, a loss, some hurt, anger, insecurity, basically… kryptonite. Their weakness, a soft spot, a nerd, a heart that loves too much or is very passionate. That is what attracts us, then vulnerability. That is what got Lois Lane to Superman. It exists, but men, they like to cover it up. Sometimes, it feels like they are just like us, building walls waiting to see who cares enough to jump over or maybe even bring it down.

What is interesting is, most girls want this. This vulnerability, this bad boy who is good just to and for her. It is also interesting how so many of us are short tempered, lack patience and are insecure ourselves, but are patient enough to wait for this said person. Like seriously, wouldn’t you want to work on yourself first? Two insecure, brooding, hurt people in one relationship just spells disaster. Yes, it sounds romantic, I heal you, and you heal me. But here is another thought, what if on the inside of those walls you are just the same, the same pain, the same brooding, the same hurt and mainly the same insecurity. Would you still be able to understand each other perfectly, or would it be like to positive or negative poles together, repulsive yet fighting to get there?

This is what happened to Kimberly and Jake. They loved each other, immensely, but they were both broken, both wounded, they had the same wound. They tried helping each other out but it just didn’t seem to be working. Which got her thinking some more…

“Is the yin and yang actually the circle of life? Do we need someone who is the opposite of us but has a part of us in him or her? And does that work for us too? Is that the only way that things work, how relationships last? Should an outgoing person be with an introvert? But then what will they do together? What activity if they have nothing in common? And if one of them goes along with the other isn’t that changing someone? That isn’t a good thing in a relationship either! So, is there a formula, like, an extrovert person who is an introvert inside, can be with an introvert who’s an extrovert on the inside can be together. But then they aren’t being true to themselves are they? Can an act, a façade save a relationship? It will still hurt, like it is, now. But who can help?”

“I will,” there was a whisper like a snowflake landing on a bed of snow, she barely heard it, actually, she did not. But she felt the whiff, a sweet smell of comfort, a feeling that made her feel like it was going to be alright.

She smiled and so did her guardian angel, while she softly caressed Kimberly’s hair, as she fell into the realms of sleep.

“I will help. It will be okay, my dear.”

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