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Lovelorn but not lost... Part I

She always wondered why monsoons played an important role in love stories, why every romantic kiss got even better when it was raining and why every imagination of every girl had at least one sequence of dancing in the rain…

She was at a café, a cute little café with coffee, that being one of the things she loved most. It was raining outside and she was pondering, with a book in hand which had a kiss in the rain. As the droplets fell down in a puddle and created ripples she remembered why she loved this season so much, it was romantic because she had a love affair with the rains. It had always been these 2, the rains and her, in an eternal love story.

She was waiting on someone, someone her boss wanted her to meet for some project; it was poles apart from the work she was doing now but the boss thought she could handle it. It was partially a favour, a personal one for which she was getting an official leave. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted,

Hi! Kimberly?
Yeah hi Roger! Please sit…

After the initial pleasantries, and when they both called for their coffees, Kimberly on her second one – they got talking…

So, Roger, I'm sorry but I have no idea what I am doing here!

Right. Well, I work for Mr. Sean Lager-Bolen, do you know him?

Yes. I do not live under a rock, he is one of the most amazing directors of today.

Yes! So I work with him, and that is what you are here for. We read a couple of the stories that you have written and we love your work. He is putting together a team of writers to brainstorm on his next idea.

Wait, so you want me to write a film? But I thought he usually writes his own films?

No. He has already written the film, but you guys will be his writing consultants of sorts, he doesn't think it is perfect yet and maybe he needs another perspective.

So there will be a whole team then?

No. There will be maybe one or two depending on him. You will be with him at all times, through the creative process and even around once we start shooting. But do not worry, once we are a little into the shoot, you can resume your work and meet with him if needed. Before you ask, yes we will be paying you and taking care of everything else if you are travelling with us. But before we discuss all of that, are you interested in something like this?

Umm… Thank you for asking. Well, as of yesterday I am already on leave officially, so I guess I am interested. But honestly, this sounds amazing, I love Mr. Sean’s movies, the opulence, the colours, the music, everything is as amazing as it can be. I don’t know what I can do, but I would love to help.

Great. So tomorrow you will be meeting Sean and the other writers that we have short-listed and there will be a small meeting…

Meeting? Wait… what? But you said there wasn't a team, there was going to be just one maybe two people. What happened to that?

Sean has to select you guys first, and he doesn't believe in resumes. So this meeting and the discussion will be a way for him to see who is more compatible with him, basically he will find what he is looking for. I have to rush for some work, I will let you know the time and I will see you there. I'm so sorry but I really have to go.

Kimberly had a sip of her coffee which was now cold, which meant that she wasn't dreaming, that this wasn't a mirage, it had happened, it had genuinely happened. There she was, maybe a consultant on a Sean film, and she was already on leave.

Where was fate going with this?

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