Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The validation theorem

"How to be Single”. No, this is not a lecture about the words en quote. I am sure most of us are pros, we know it all. We've been through it all and definitely have heard it all; the listicles, the advice from your other single pals, advice from your ‘taken’ friends, advice from your uncles, and their aunts, and… well you get my point. This is about the movie that I saw with the same name. I am sure most of us single ladies have seen it. I wont tell you what the movie is about, the title practically sums it all up for us.

So, I come out of the movie pretty pleased, I loved it but more importantly it condones something that I have always believed in. Immediately, I start typing a message to my close friends (yes I have a few of those), telling them that they have to watch this movie and understand what I have been saying all along. I stop mid-text and this is when I ask myself; why am I looking for validation for who I am from a movie? Why do I need to prove myself right? Why does a movie make me believe in something I have always believed in?

Heres the thing, it is human nature to want to be socially accepted. Even for us loners out there, a movie, however ridiculous, if I can relate to someone in there or if someone else can relate to a character because of its similarity to me, I become relatable. Though this might not be crucial, it helps. People might see me as a lonely, people hating mongrel but if someone in a movie is like me, I become cool, I am accepted. My existence is validated.

Not just movies, but even those listicles where they coin new terms for your existence; socially acceptable terms that people can relate to.

According to buzzfeed, I am an ambivert, an extroverted introvert, a schizophrenic and her mother – well not really, but you understand where I am going with this. Truth be told, I am introvert with a grown up job and an emotional quotient to have a few friends and I am okay with that.

Proud of myself on this epiphany I slip my phone into my pocket and I continue on with my business. Look where that got me; here I am, writing about my true self validating that I do not need validation.

Oh well, I am only human!
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