Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fairytale Romance….

Hi guys….

Its been such a long time since I posted something new. Well that’s because I haven’t found anything exciting enough to pen down. But now I remembered that I started blogging so that i could express my thoughts through my pen. Well then here I am again.

Recently there has been so much about MJ. I am really sad that we lost such a great artist, the true “KING OF BLING”. It is just not fair. He didn’t even get a last curtain call. Well I wouldn’t or rather couldn’t write more about him because I would not call myself his biggest fan and if I write something more I would be lying to the LEGEND himself. But I just have one thing to say ” MJ hope you are moon-walking you way to heaven”.

Okay so, let me move on. I am going to write today about my favorite topic “Romance” *sigh*. Oh well, I am a real sucker for Romance. I like or rather love any type of romance. The soppier the better.

So my favorite show recently is Miley Jab Hum Tum. Yes, I love watching this one serial and I don’t miss it for the world. If I cannot watch it on TV then I catch up on it on you tube. Now why such a craze? Well its the romance. COLLEGE BASED ROMANCE. It is just so cute the way Mayank and Nupur fight and then get together (that has just happened recently). Their romance is just so cute *sigh* (Of course cute is used in my vocabulary profusely. I am a girl. Duh!!).

I just really really wish I had a Mayank in my life too. I mean they always show in romances that the guy and girl hate each other at first, but then slowly love enters the picture. and then ‘magic’. But I seriously want to know if something like this happens in real life. Actually, I am still waiting for my Mr. Right. Like every typical girl I am also waiting for someone who sweeps me off my feet and I am very sure I will find him.

I am also a big big big Shahrukh fan. I mean the way he can romance a woman no one else can. I mean he is just acting, but he will still make you believe that he will die for the woman who is standing beside him. So I think I am waiting for Raj.

Well to be frank even my parents are. They have thrown me an open challenge to find a boyfriend and that’s not gonna happen at least not now. I have this long list of criterion which I want in my guy and it is very difficult to find guys like that now. Well that’s beside the point.

The Idea of romance today is very very vague. For me romance is something sweet and simple not something extravagant and big. For me romance is whenever you are reading and he just stares at you from across the room, because he thinks your the most beautiful woman in the world and he cant get his eyes off you.

Why don’t fairytale romances happen in real life? Why have people stopped believing in romance? Well if you read this post I would love to hear you views on this one…

Well such is life’s diaries….
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  1. fairytale romances do exist...
    glad u care to wait for one...
    just dont settle in for anything less...
    hope u find him very very soon :)

  2. Romance comes in different ways - the best and most known are the M & B kind which everyone likes. But more real are the quiet ones, where a wife/husband/girl/boy are unable to express their feelings openly leading to constant arguments but would be the one that would last the longest.


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