Friday, July 3, 2009

The Marvel of Architecture and Engineering..


Yes it is finally ready and opened up for public to see, speed and enjoy.

I went for a drive on the Sea Link Yesterday and reached Bandra in 8 minutes flat and that was because there was TRAFFIC on the Sea Link. From Bandra to Worli going on the Sea Link atleast for the next 4 days is a nightmare. There was actually a long long long line to get on the Sea Link on the Bandra side.

I had gone to Worli earlier for some work. But I didn’t take the Sea Link. The Mahim Causeway was empty and reaching Siddhivinayak was a smooth journey. Reason: Sea Link. Everyone was on it. :-)

The Sea Link is a ‘beautiful’ piece of architecture and engineering. It will now be synonymous with a ‘monument’ or rather a ‘tourist attraction’ in the years to come. People will actually come to Mumbai and not go back without cruising down the Sea Link.

So let me tell you about yesterday…I went to Worli for some work and the while coming back we got onto the Sea Link. It was a beautiful sight. People actually came walking to check out the Sea Link. Then there were hordes of cars ‘filled’ with people. But the best part was that there were people who actually hired a taxi just to go onto the Sea Link. Not just 4 there were sometimes 8 people in the taxi.

People leaning out of the window to take pictures, smiling away and enjoying, having fun with family…it was like a picnic out there…and everyone was invited. :-D

Mumbaikars are proud of this…and being a true Mumbaikar…I am too…

I just had an argument with my uncle about how cynical he is being about people i.e. mumbaikars who (he is speculating) are going to start spitting, throwing rappers and other garbage on the Sea Link. But after looking at all the enthusiasm I was sure that mumbaikars would keep this place as ‘pretty’ as it is…

But then my uncle being the ‘practical’ person he is gave me gyan about ‘practicality’ which i would call ‘cynicism’.

Why do cynics always call themselves practical???

Well such is life’s diaries…
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  1. Age does make you Cynical, however as long as you remain an optimist, that's what matters. Combine that with a touch of reality & pragmatism - you have the best of everything.


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