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The Dream Man - The Finale...

Kimberly saw Kevin leave as soon as she stood up for her toast. Everyone was eagerly waiting for what she had to say. All eyes were on her. Her eyes were still filled with water, were looking for Kevin.

I trust you Brad. I trust you more than anything or anyone in this world.” Suddenly the sobs she was trying to control just escaped her. She couldn't say any more. Brad stood up and engulfed her in his arms. Her eyes were still trying to look for Kevin. She couldn't see him anywhere among the sea of people around her. 

Everyone started having dinner and the socializing continued. Kimberly finally spotted Kevin sulking in the corner. She went up to him and asked him what had happened, asked him why he walked away.
I feel bad Kimberly. I feel disgusted! I could've been there. This could've been our wedding. I still love you. I do.”
Kevin, you were my dream man. You made me so happy. I was in love with you. You were my dream man Kevin but I wasn't your dream woman. I am not!”
That is not true!” He hit his hand on the wall behind him.
But it is Kevin. I loved you beyond a doubt. I loved you more than anyone would ever have loved. But you went on and disrespected my love. If I was your perfect woman, you wouldn't have had that weak moment. My love and trust would have been enough for you. You do not love me Kevin, you hate the idea of me with someone else. That has always been your problem. Possession was an obsession for you, still is. You are telling me you still love me because you think I am in love with someone else. With Brad and me, it is the other way around. I was his dream woman, but he never wanted to possess me. He just loved me, made me feel perfect for him, and now I realized that he was always the man I dreamed of. I forgive you Kevin, I forgive you for everything you did. So now you can forgive yourself and go on and find your perfect woman.”

She hugged him and let him go, finally.
She walked towards her knight in shining armor, the man who she was going to marry. She walked up to her dream man. He was surrounded by a lot of people. She nudged the people aside and climbed up on a chair beside Brad. 
"I have to make another toast. The first one just wasn't good enough. I shall not be upstaged, however lovely this man's toast might have been. 
I love you, Brad Donahue And now I can say that to you without a doubt.” 
Then she lunged for Brad, held onto his neck, he lifted her off of the chair and she kissed him. Kissed him in front of all those people, like she never had before.

She had never told him that she loved him. She wanted to be sure, sure that she wasn't just saying it because he loved her. She knew that wasn't enough. 

For the very first time, she professed her love to her man, a day before their wedding...

It is true, sometimes you have to kiss a couple of frogs and toads, and even though you think you belong with those frogs, but there almost always will be a Prince Charming waiting for you...


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