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A Rainy Day!

Kimberly was rushing, she was getting so so late. She had promised Malini, she would be on time, she promised and now she was late! She was always late!
“Oh God, please please please let Malini be late,” she prayed out loud. She started running, actually sprinting down the flight of stairs. If she were any faster, she would fly. It was raining heavily, as usual Kimberly forgot her umbrella. She was just about to go back up, and her phone rang. “Where the f*** are you, Kimberly?” Malini bellowed. “I am just around the corner, seriously, there is crazy traffic!!” “Whatever,” said Malini and cut the phone. Thank you Mumbai for this universal excuse, Kimberly thought to herself.
She kept moving, she decided against going back up and getting her umbrella. She was already drenched and now she did not want to end up dead, and that is what she would be if she left later than she already was! As usual auto rickshaws weren't around. She kept walking, the rain was severe, she was practically blinded. She kept her eyes partially open, and looked where she was walking but did not look up in front of her.
Suddenly she was spinning, drenched as she already was she almost fell. But luckily she took the support of the compound wall that was beside her and saved herself from falling. Unfortunately the person who “whammed” into her fell right down and dropped his bag and phone. Kimberly helped gather up his stuff,  all the while apologizing profusely. “I'm so sorry, the rain was hitting my eyes and I wasn't looking. I am so sorry all your clothes are dirty. Is your phone working? I am sorry!”, Kimberly just went on and on, without even looking at the person's face. “I am okay, and so is my phone, but are you?”, the stranger finally said. The voice sounded extremely familiar, she looked at him in one swift motion. Oh my God! It was Ayaan Sharma! He was an actor that starred in Kimberly's favorite soap, she has the biggest crush on him. “Y-Ye-Yes. I-I'm alright. The wall saved me,” Kimberly manages to stutter. “Oh good, well I better head, by the way my name is Ayaan,” he said putting his hand out. “I know! I am Kimberly..” she said taking his hand. “Nice name, well it was great bumping into you, literally!” he said with a wink and started walking towards his car.
Kimberly started walking towards the main road, suddenly remembering she was going to be a dead chicken. After sitting in the auto rickshaw she checked her phone. 18 missed calls! Dammit! She thought to herself. But she was very excited, wait till Malini hears about what happened.

3 months later.

There was a contest in Kimberly's college. There was this dance show, which had various celebrities basically actors from daily soaps dancing with girls and guys from various colleges, competing for the ultimate title. The celebrity for Kimberly's college was Ayaan Sharma! Kimberly's happiness literally knew no bounds. She was living this movie scene where the breeze was slow and her favorite love song was playing in the background. She wanted to participate in the contest to partner up with Ayaan, but she was a scardey cat when it came to performing in front of people. She couldn't do it without hurling. This wasn't going to be a fantasy where she would dance alone in some classroom and Ayaan just passing by would notice how awesome she was and pick her to be his partner. She would have to participate to even stand a chance!
Malini, as loyal as ever, was standing beside her giving her a pep talk. Making sure she wont hurl or back out. Just then Ayaan went past them, and stepped back. “Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?”, he asked.  “Yeah, we umm bumped into each other a couple of months back”, Kimberly said while playing with her hair. “Oh yeah! Well it will be good to see you dance”, he said lightly touching her arm. “HE REMEMBERS ME!!!”, she said, doing this little awkward jig with Malini. That was all the motivation she needed, she was going to win this.
Then started a series of rehearsals, that required Ayaan and her to be in close proximity at all times. She would sometimes visit his set to rehearse with him. After his shoot they would come down to the rehearsal hall to rehearse with the choreographer and sometimes they even went to Ayaan's apartment and rehearsed there. They got to know each other better. This was a dream come true for Kimberly, spending so much time with Ayaan. The more she got to know him the more she fell for him. He was really charming, and witty, and awkward sometimes. He had flaws, and she liked that. As the show progressed, their friendship grew. They started “chilling” after rehearsal, talking to each other, getting to know each other. It was one such rehearsal night, both of them were exhausted after almost an entire day of rehearsal. Ayaan decided they would take it easy, he asked her to come over for dinner. “Yay! Food”, she said. They had her on a strict diet because of this competition. “Today, WE EAT”, Ayaan said mimicking a king with his sword drawn. The dinner stretched on to a late night coffee and then a drive and some early morning coffee at Marine Drive. They somehow didn't want the night to end. They were having a lot of fun, it was different. Finally at about 5:30 am Ayaan dropped her home. He got off to open her door (he always did that) and gave her a hug. It was an embrace, something that emoted feelings, feelings that weren't just friendly. There after, they got closer and closer and nothing stopped them.
The show was coming to an end, Kimberly and Ayaan were in the finals. They were known as the couple with the best chemistry, they knew why. They felt something for each other, they never spoke about it.
It was the end of the show, they didn't win, but they still were the first runner up. They were pretty happy, Ayaan decided to celebrate. He threw a small party, to celebrate the show and their success on the show. A lot of their close friends came, well his close friends. The party ended and it was just Ayaan and Kimberly, alone. She stayed back to help him clear up, truth be told she didn't want to go, the rehearsal was over and this would probably be the last time she would get to spend so much time with him.
“I love you” Ayaan said suddenly! Kimberly couldn't believe her ears, she turned around to look at him. “I love you”, he said again. Kimberly was stunned, he started coming closer to her. He put his hand around her waist, used 2 fingers to lift her chin up to his face and he kissed her. Kimberly was ecstatic, she always wondered how it would feel, now she knew. She was practically floating, she kissed him back. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “I love you too” she sighed. He hugged her, again that embrace, that warm embrace.
“One second, Ayaan”, she said. “Thank you for saying this, and thank you for kissing me. But I have something to say to you. I have loved you for a very long time now, and liked you way before that. Now that you have said this, we can not be together. I'm sorry”, she said and freed herself from his embrace. He was shocked, he did not know what to say! “What are you trying to say Kimberly?”, he said grabbing her and pulling her towards him.
“Ayaan I love you. I have and I probably will. But you're not just Ayaan, you're Ayaan Sharma, a heartthrob. You're a celebrity, and me? I'm a normal girl. I am not saying this is wrong I am just saying it isn't possible.”
“Dammit Kimberly, stop running around in circles, what do you mean?”, he said banging the wall agitatedly.
“Ayaan this one month has been a dream come true. But it has been a dream too, our little dream world. You have seen so much of me. I was there on your set, at rehearsal, in your apartment, all the time! Out of 24 hours you have spent at least 20 hours each day with me. You think you love me, but really you don't! You're just used to me, used to having me around. But tomorrow when you go into the real world, your world, you will realize how normal I am. I wish you loved me Ayaan, but you don't”
“Oh great! So now you know what I feel more than I do, is it? Well the same can be applied to you! You might not love me, you might also be just used to me?”
She walked up to him and cupped his face in her hands, “ No Ayaan, this doesn't apply to me. I had become a part of your life but I still had my own life going on. My normal life, I went to college, met friends, all this while you were on set. I had my normal life and I still missed being with you, I still wanted to. Loving you for me didn't happen because we spent all that time together, loving you for me was because I yearned to spend more time with you. So no this doesn't apply to me.” She kissed him on the lips and continued, “It is better if we stop right now. I don't want to end up hurt and I know I will. A month and you will realize I am nothing special Then it will be over. I just want to go away happy, happy knowing that you love me too. With your kiss lingering on my lips, with your warm embrace around me. I am happy now Ayaan, let me go while I am.”
“Okay. You want to go? Go. I will not stop you. I know what my feelings are, and I know why I said what I did. But if you still feel this is where it should end then it will. You will get what you want”, saying this he hugged her. Engulfed her in his arms , and kissed her, the most perfect last kiss. Finally they broke their embrace after what seemed like eternity. She walked around his apartment, picked up his jacket and a his favorite t shirt “Can I keep these?”, she asked. He nodded.
“Come I will drop you home”, he said. “No. Please don't Let me go by myself. I will fall weak if you come. I wont be able to go”, she said. She started walking towards his door, he walked in the opposite direction. He couldn't see this. She was almost out of his door, “Kimberly!” he called out just then. She looked back.
“Are you sure about this?”
“What if this is true? What if this isn't what you think it is?”
“Then destiny will bring us back together.”

8 Months Later.

Kimberly was rushing out of her house. As usual she was late. Everyone was going to kill her today, not that anything about that was new. As usual her luck was beautiful! NO AUTO RICKSHAWS! Frantically she started running towards the main road, suddenly it started raining. It was pouring, suddenly. “Just my luck”, bellowed Kimberly at no one in particular. Drenched and frantic she continued towards the main road.
This time she fell down. She was just about to get up when she heard a familiar voice. “Oh my god! Are you okay? Is your phone okay? I am so sorry!!” She looked up and there he was, smiling, grinning actually looking down at her. She stood up, smiling, “I am okay. Are you?”
“Now I am. Hi! I am Ayaan, a normal guy who has been love struck for the past 8 months, 14 hours, 10 mins and 34 seconds. You are?” he said putting out his hand.

Kimberly looked up at him, put her hand in his and said, “Waiting for a kiss!”

Destiny works in mysterious ways. The acceptance of destiny is the  best way to let MAGIC into our lives....

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