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The Dream Man - Part II

It was the day of Kimberly's rehearsal dinner. All her close friends and relatives were there. They were ecstatic for her, and so was she. But today she was waiting, waiting for something else or rather someone else. Her eyes kept darting to the door of the restaurant. She seemed restless.
He had said yes. He told her he would be there. She knew he was coming, and she couldn't have been happier. Suddenly her eyes landed on a familiar frame, a person she felt like she had known her entire life. She practically darted towards him.

You're here! Oh my God!” She hugged him. She hadn't seen him for almost 6 years and hadn't spoken to him for 5
I told you I would come. I even RSVP'd.”
That was mighty generous of you. Oh gosh what is this!” She said suddenly looking at the bouquet of flowers in his hand.
I know you like sunflowers, so I got you some.”
Wow! I thought you didn't like gifting flowers?”
Yeah, I still don't But I know you love them.”
So sweet! You haven't changed one bit. Come meet my fiancĂ©.” She held onto his hand and started walking towards this tall man. Almost gigantic this guy was almost 7ft in the least, or at least it looked like that from across the room. He was one head and a shoulder above everyone around him. Though Kevin was pretty tall himself, this guy was way taller!
Brad! Meet my friend Kevin!” She couldn't stop grinning when she spoke to or even looked at Brad. He was the same.
Oh hello,” he said giving Kevin a firm handshake. “I have heard a lot about you, and I am not just saying that because I should. I have REALLY heard a lot about you!” He said winking at Kevin. “You know how much this one can talk!”
Oh God! Shut up Brad.” She nudged him with her elbow.
Okay! Okay! Well it was nice meeting you man. I will just be right back. Kimberly please make sure the poor man has a drink before you bore his head off!”
She made a face. He kissed her on her nose and darted off in the opposite direction. She blushed.

Kevin remembered that blush. She blushed like that for him once. He loved to make her blush once. That had been the highlight of his day for the longest time. Until it wasn't...

KEVIN!!” That voice and a nudge thrust him back to the present.
What would you like to drink?”
I don't know. Let me go to the bar and figure that one out.” They started walking towards the bar.
Kimberly, please come here.” Someone said from somewhere.
She looked apologetically at Kevin.
It is okay!,” he said, getting the hint, “Go on. Do what you have to do. I am going to get a drink, maybe two so I don't have to get up again and I will sit. Come find me when you are done.”
Thank you!” She said as she sprinted in the direction where the voice came from.

She looked happy, even more than he had ever seen her. Kevin was happy for her, but something pinched him on the inside. It could have been him. It could've been his wedding to her, it could've been him she was adoringly glancing at from across the room. He did not regret the things he had done. Then, they were right. But yeah he did regret something, he regretted the way he had managed things. He could've done better.

I'm back!!”
His chain of thoughts were broken with Kimberly plonking herself down beside him.
Did you meet mom and dad Kevin? They are around here somewhere. They were asking me about you. I told them to come find you. Did they?”
Yeah! I just spoke to them. Aunty looks gorgeous!”
Hey! It is my wedding! You're supposed to give me compliments. But as usual you wont give me any. Right?”
He always loved teasing her, even more when she made the pout-y face, just like a child. He loved that.
No No madame bride, now you have someone who will give you compliments. Where did you find this giant?”
Hey! Don't call him that!”
He is so tall!!!”
Well, you know how much I love tall men. There is no one taller! I met him a friend's party a year and a half back.”
Wow just a year and a half, and you're getting married?”
She suddenly went into deep thought and then smiled.
When you know, you know. Anyway, your mom and dad came here yesterday. They couldn't make it today but they are coming for the wedding tomorrow. Did they tell you?”
Yes they did. I will coming with them tomorrow. They are very happy for you.”
I know... And you?”
Me too.”

She didn't believe him, but she let it go. 

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