Saturday, October 12, 2013

That movie style romance

The thing the movies everything is perfect. The actors DONT sweat or look unkempt. The heroine ALWAYS wakes up pretty. And even when she is sick she looks amazing. The music is always perfect. The hero always finds the heroine, and they always kiss perfect, you know the kiss that makes the girl's leg pop. 

But we are not like that. We are not perfect. We wake up like zombies. We sweat a lot. One train journey and we look like hooligans. We DONT eat perfectly. When we are sick, we look like the dementors have sucked the happiness out of our soul. There isn't amazing music playing in the background all the time. And the wind doesn't always blow in our hair. Kisses DONT make our legs pop up and there will be very few guys who can and will pick us up and spin us around. 

But I will tell you what is is when you're sweating like a pig but that special person still hugs you like you're gold and tells you you smell divine. It is perfect when you look like a zombie in the morning and are cribbing for your morning coffee and that someone hands it over to you and understands that you can't join the real world till you finish that mug or jug. It is perfect when you are coughing and wheezing like an old woman and you don't have a tiny red nose but a runny nose, and that special someone hands over that box of tissues and laughs in your face, but secretly places an order for that chopsuey you have been craving. It is perfect when you've woken up with your hair in a complete mess and you have morning breath but that special someone still leans over and gives you a kiss that shakes your insides, even though you try to pull away because of your morning breath. Perfection is when you meet this special person post work looking like you want to murder someone and he says, "you want a cheese burst pizza?" 

Life isn't about wanting a romance just like in the movies...we aren't perfect. We are never going to be. It is just finding that person who knows your flaws (all hundred of them), that person who knows how awful you look on your "not getting out of pajamas day", who knows how you chew, how messy you are, your little quirks, who knows you are far from perfect but still loves you anyway.
Perfection is finding that ONE person who knows how you are with your insecurities and all your negativity and your fear to commit but loves you anyway. A person who doesn't give up on you even if you give up on yourself.

I know what my movie fairytale moment would would be me in all my pajama glory walking around aimlessly like a zombie and that special someone coming over and saying "want some nutella hun?"
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