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The Perfect Man.

I've been asked at least a million times, "you write and read about love, obsess over the guys in the book, but who is your perfect man?" I always joke around and say he needs to be really really tall. But it always gets me thinking, do I want those perfect guys from books or movies? 

I want an idiot, a jackass who does these stupid things that I wouldn't even dream of doing. But he does them and I laugh because he would be so cute and hilarious while he was doing them. He would be someone who would crack the world's worst jokes with so much conviction that you can't help but laugh at the idiot. Every time someone would ask me all I would manage then "yeah he's my idiot". He would be someone I could never be angry at for a long time. Someone with whom if I don't talk for a while I would get uneasy. 

I want a guy whose exterior is as hard as a rock, but I am the only one who is in touch with his softer side. I want a guy who is angry all the time but it only takes me a minute to cool him down. A guy who doesn't or rather can't stop my tears but is there every step of the way till the last tear drop falls out of my eye. A guy who doesn't think I am the most beautiful girl but still has a smile on his face when he sees me. A guy who isn't always there to take care of me but when I really need him he doesn't stop at anything to be there for me. He knows all of my little peeves and doesn't judge me because I have them.

He should be someone who understands reading is my life and sometimes I forget the world when I do, but he should know that I will leave every book to spend some time with him. He would be someone I would turn to for EVERYTHING. Advice, a shoulder to cry on, an opinion, a suggestion, to crib and cry and whine, ask for food, and a lot more. I would be needy but I would also like to be needed. I wouldn't always like his opinions or suggestions, sometimes they will piss me off but I will always respect him for them. 

He would not be perfect, not the most intellectual person on the planet, but he would be a nice person with a good heart. Someone who cares, nurtures, loves, and accepts everything about me. I don't mind if he has insecurities, fears and doubts as long as he shares them with me. I want a guy who needs me as much as I need him.

I don't want a knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet, I want a guy with chinks in his armor who has had his metal truly tested. 

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  1. Awwww......mast hai...aur likha kar

  2. Thank you pearl....
    Try Karoongi!!!

  3. ei maybe try watching this movie, The Perfect Man

    just passing by