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The diary of a 'CRIER'

I cry for every teeny tiny eenie meenie thing. Be it an emotional scene in a movie or someone getting movie star emotional near me. That's just me, how I have been made. An emotional ad can make me cry, so can a reality show. I cry when the protagonist in the book is going through any trouble, also when a friend is crying on the phone. I cry when someone shouts at me, also when I shout at someone. Oh! And I cry when someone shouts at someone else. Loud voices make me cry, a few sensitive topics from the past make me cry and too much happiness also makes me cry.

All this crying makes people think this is my weakness, but it isn't. Crying means I am sensitive, towards others. It also means that I am in touch with my emotions and feelings. Yes that also means people take advantage of this a lot, but with a lot of pros,a couple of cons are inevitable. Crying also helps me get rid of my frustrations, anger and even relieves my stress. This way I am actually less violent, I have no pent up emotions for a long time. Even if I control my tears in front of people I will come home and cry. Sometimes I need a trigger, and mushy movies are perfect for this. But all this ensures I have a clean slate to start off with every day. Because all of these negative emotions come out of me as soon as they go in, I find it easier to forgive and forget.

I am not saying I do not hold grudges, I do! But not as many. Loved ones see my cry a lot and know that when I do cry all I need is a hug, or someone to hold my hand and let me finish. I feel lighter once I do. Criers don't harm themselves in anyway. Invariably most of their negativity comes out every time they let themselves go. Yes this also means I am very easily hurt. The smallest of things affect me, the slightest misunderstanding can reduce me to tears. But I get over it faster, I forget faster, I move on faster. Everyone can not handle my copious amount of tears. Some might get irritated or annoyed, but the people who know and love me know that if I am crying, it is just so that I don't let all that negative poison stay inside me. They can handle it. THEY are the people who have, are and always will be a part of me.

There are days when I just want to cry, I don't want anyone to make me laugh, or console me. I just need a big tub of ice cream, my favorite mushy movie and a HUGE TOWEL. Sometimes I need a long shower. I cry, but that does not mean I am weak. I am strong because I can cry, I can let my emotions out and I can feel the pain that others feel. I cry, so I do not do things that would make others cry or hurt others, because I know how that feels.

I am a CRIER, and I am proud of it!

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  1. I understand u cry... I understand that u r strong.. But why do you cry for others??
    When you cry for others, knowingly or unknowingly u hurt your near and dear ones.