Monday, November 4, 2013

When is it enough?

So we're told all our lives what is good and what is not. What is right and what is wrong. We are told we are good enough for something and for the other things we are not even close. Most of us go through this hell.

I am almost always told everytime I see someone, anyone, "you've got a very pretty face, you will look amazing if you lose weight." DONT get me wrong, I agree with a few things these people say, completely. My question is, when is it enough? When is it satisfactory? And who decides? This isnt just about the weight. It is also generally about looks. Why do others get to decide if I look amazing or not? And are they even allowed to have an opinion merely by looking at me? The fact that they DONT have a clue, about me, should they even be saying this to me?

You know everyone strives to look perfect, an idea of perfect that someone else has decided. When this process starts, we're never satisfied. Just 5 more KGS, just 2 more, just 3 more inches. It is just never enough. Now for the people who's profession requires them to look like that, I understand the obsession. Also I understand when people like this. But for whom are we doing this? To prove what? There are people who feign to like you the way you are, but the first chance they get they will try and change you. And you will also, because you care about those people. But then again, will we be enough for them?

Why live by the idea of someone else's perfect? Perfection is happiness. Everyone has something to offer. Everyone is perfect in their own way. So when do we stop? Once we look in the mirror and start finding nooks, that is all we find. We will never like something about ourselves as soon as we find the first thing we do not like. So you will never be able to say, okay this is awesome, I stop here. You realise that it was easier to look in the mirror and feel happy about yourself before you started finding nooks in yourself. There were other things you loved about yourself too.

The thing is, all you need to do is to look in the mirror and say, yes I am satisfied. I love the way I look and feel and there is no other opinion that matters other than my own. I think I am amazing the way I am. And I have nothing less than anyone else.

The thing is, no one else can make you feel bad about yourself unless you want to. You need to be satisfied with yourself and you need to stop listening to other people.

I am not pretty for a big girl.
I am pretty. PERIOD.
Looks are not everything. They will never be.

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  1. So true...... I can so relate to the above.... I mean its never enough no matter how much u change for someone ..... Its better that we focus on wat we want rather than other poeple want ...!!

  2. When u ask someone how u look is when u expect an honest answer.. But when they say on their own, its on u to consider it or not. Looking good is directly co related to how confident u feel..
    That's why people strive to look good.. If u r confident u look good..


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