Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Barely... A Love Story Part IV

Love was in the air. Kimberly was running towards Matthew in a beautiful royal blue gown, him looking dapper in a grey suit... and CUT!

The shoot was progressing beautifully, everyone was having the best time. Especially Kimberly, she was in her own little world, this was one of her most beautiful dreams coming true. Matthew and Kimberly were still not talking. There was something else, Matthew found himself staring at Kimberly whenever she was around, smiling when she found something funny, grinning when she got emotional after listening to a song or after filming a particular scene. She insisted on watching all the movies over and over again and with her she had an army of Yash Raj fanatics. He was not such a big Yash Chopra fan, but he found himself watching the movies with her, just so he could have some more time with her. Also, as freaky as it sounds, started liking the way Kimberly smelled. Even if it was shampoo, there was just something comforting about it. There were days when he just wanted her to run towards him, hug him and not let go. As filmy as it is, he was turning into a Yash Raj hero himself! It was disturbing how different they were on and off camera, on camera there was this sizzling chemistry, literally there were people who had gooseflesh while watching and then, they would dust off and go to the other direction like nothing had happened.

It was one of those times, he was staring at Kimberly. "Tere chehre se, tere chehre se, nazar nahi hat ti, nazaare hum kya dekhein..." was ironically playing in the background.
She is so pretty, he thought to himself. I have never seen her like this, she looks ravishing, and she is a nice person too. Why would anyone hurt such a lovely person. Matthew you are the biggest jerk on this planet. As these thoughts progressed, the director, his best friend, plonked himself down beside him,
So why are we smiling?”
Nothing like that.”
Yes, and I am a monkey with a hula hoop! Will you be telling me now or should I just make stuff up in my head? I am a creative director, making a love story.”
I was just looking at Kimberly, she is so beautiful. Man, I think I am falling for her. She is so simple, and her simplicity makes her even more gorgeous. I don't know what it is about her!'
Matthew, you want her because she doesn't want you. You are paying attention to her because she isn't paying any to you. I have known you practically your whole life and I know what gets you attracted to a girl. She is one of the nicest people I know, and I won't let you hurt her. What I just told you is all there is to it. She is the first girl who has behaved in such a way around you, and that isn't setting in right with you.”

That got Matthew thinking, was this the reason why he liked her? Was this the reason why he couldn't think of anything but her? He had to figure it out. Though he was sure he liked her and it was not because of what David said, he still had to be sure. He hurt her once and he wasn't about to do it again. That night, as he was leaving for home, he realized he had forgotten his bag in the changing room. He could hear small sobs coming from the room, he knocked on the door, but no one answered. The door was ajar, so he slowly entered. He was worried because Kimberly was the one who was sobbing. He went and sat down beside her,
“What happened? Are you okay? Did someone say something to you?”
“No I am fine. Please leave.”
“Kim, I am not leaving you alone here. There is no one else. Please tell me what is wrong.”
“It is nothing, something very silly really. Nothing worth mentioning!”
“Oh God just tell me already!”
“Well I just suddenly remembered, tomorrow is the last day of the shoot. I wont be seeing everyone for a while and also, I will never be a Yash Chopra heroine again.”
She continued to sob, he couldn't help it, he started laughing, very loudly at that.
“Well I told you it was silly,” she said while she scrunched up her nose while wiping it.
“It is cute Kim, very cute. It is so nice that you get emotional about all these little things and that you get affected when someone else is sad or angry. It is very cute!”
“That is just another way of saying that I cry too much and I am stupid!”
“No no, I didn't mean it like that. Anyway, what do you usually do when you feel sad?”
“I eat a big piece of chocolate cake.”

That night after he dropped her off, he just couldn't stop thinking. He was up all night thinking about her, about his feelings for her, about what David had said. Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, post a zillion coffee cups, he knew what this was. He couldn't wait to go on the set. As soon as he was there, he started looking for Kimberly. He spotted her at the other end of the set. As he was running towards her, he bumped into David. “You're wrong! You're so wrong!,” he moved forward while repeating this to David.

“Hi Matt,” she said when she saw him standing in front of her. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the other side of the set. Still holding her hand, he abruptly stopped, looked her in the eye and said,

“I have fallen for you Kimberly and I mean it in every sense. I really really like you, and I might even love you.”

Paas paas hum saath saath yun baithe rahe,
Ek dusre se yehi kehte rahe...

Kabhi main kahoon, kabhi tum kaho,
Ke maine tumhe yeh dil de diya...

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