Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barely... A Love Story Part II

“Grudges make me fat,” that was the motto Kimberly always lived by. She was repeating it to herself over and over again, whenever she looked at Matthew's face, which was all day everyday, now that they had been rehearsing for a week. She wanted to slap him really, but, “GRUDGES MAKE ME FAT!!!!”

It was almost 10 days into the rehearsal. Kimberly was having the best time, listening to Yash Chopra songs all day, dancing to them, having them playing in the background, it was like a dream come true! She did not have long or even short conversations with Matthew, it was just pleasantries mostly. That is how she wanted it to be. Despite this, their chemistry when they danced or performed a scene was shockingly perfect.

It was one of those days, the rehearsal went on real late, time just flew and before they knew it, it was midnight. Everyone finally decided to call it a day, but they were too exhausted to even move a muscle. They plonked themselves down on the floor. Finally, Kimberly decided to ask Matthew about his behavior in college.

Matt, what happened to you in college? We were such good friends and then you just distanced yourself?”

No, nothing like that!”

Oh please! Stop it now! It has been 4 years, the same answer cant work. Tell me!”

Well, yeah we got really close and all. But then I got a feeling that you started liking me. I was dating then and didn't want any complications. I didn't like you like that, you were a nice girl, a friend in college. I didn't want anything more. I didn't want to give you the wrong idea.”

The rehearsal hall was now quiet. Everyone was looking at Kimberly, who now had tears rolling down her otherwise white face, which was now red.

'So you're telling me that you behaved like a jerk because you THOUGHT I liked you? You ignored me and behaved like a douche because you THOUGHT I was going to complicate things? YOU THOUGHT I HAD FEELINGS FOR YOU?”

By now Kimberly was standing up, she had tears streaming down her face and she was shouting.

“I took you as one of my closest friends Matthew. Do you even know how much you hurt me by doing all this? I am sure there were a lot of girls in class who had “FALLEN” for you, but I had a life, outside of that classroom. More than that, I had TASTE! I mean how could you even think that I would like a guy like you, EVER? Alright, you decided I started liking you, fine! Why didn't you come and ask me? Or atleast when I was asking you so much, why didn't you tell me? What made you think a girl like me would ever, EVER, fall for a guy like YOU?”

“How dare you talk to me like that Kimberly? You have no right to speak to me like this. The amount of texts you sent, the way you behaved, anyone would have thought you liked me. You are nobody to speak to me like that!”

“You're right. I am nobody to talk to you like that. I'd rather not talk to you. EVER AGAIN”

Kimberly stormed out.

Ye kahan aa gaye hum,
yun hi saath saath chalte,
teri baahon mein hai jaanam,
mere jismojaan pighalte......

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