Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barely... A Love Story Part I

Kimberly entered the rehearsal hall. She was rehearsing for a musical her friends in college, from the film making course, were filming. It was a tribute to Yash Chopra and the 100 years of Bollywood. This was also their end of the academic year project. It was a huge deal! She was the only person who was on board without an audition. Her friends knew what she could do, they also knew she was petrified of auditions. She wasn't very keen, she wanted to help with the production of this magnificent project, but her friends wouldn't let her.

She reached there a little earlier than she was supposed too, she was anxious! Luckily her friends were already there. They introduced her to the hero of the musical. “Kimberly, this is Matthew, he will be your hero,” one of them said. How could Kimberly forget that face? He was her close friend, well, until he started behaving like a douche. She still remembered that day like it was yesterday, though actually it was about 3 or maybe more, years ago. Matthew, or Matt as he liked to call himself, was in the same class as Kimberly. They would talk, hangout after college and even in class. They were friends, good friends and nothing more. This was in their first year of degree college, English literature batch. Suddenly, in the second year of their course, Matt started behaving very weirdly, indifferent. He stopped talking so much with her, they barely hung out and he stopped replying to her texts or phone calls. To top all of that off, he would still behave normal the next day, after knowing that Kimberly had called him a million times the previous day and he hadn't answered.

She was confused! She didn't know what was happening. She asked him a couple of times, but all he said was, “no nothing like that.” After a while, she also got fed up of figuring out what was wrong with him and left it at that. Now, there they were, 3 or maybe 4 years later, fate?
“Bad luck,” Kimberly thought to herself.

Teri aakhon ki namkeen mastiyan,
teri hasi ki beparwah gustakkiyan,
teri zulfon ki makhmali angdaaiyan,
Nahi bhoolunga main...
Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan......
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