Sunday, March 30, 2014

Of Sunshines and Peaches - Part III

It was a beautiful morning in the pink city. Kimberly, well rested and all set, was ready to take a walk around the palace. She loved these majestic locations, she would walk around and talk to the locals, figure out their stories and make her own. Equipped with her weapon (her phone), she left her room.

Walking around the palace she started falling in love, with the stories, with the walls, with the serenity. She was breathing in the atmosphere, just then heard something. "Wow you are some kind of a weirdo, arent you?" It was Richard, huffing and puffing like he had lifted a mountain and walked a couple of miles. "What?" she said.
"You go to your room for an entire evening, and don't even come down for dinner. Then, here you are with your eyes shut, smiling at something random. Weirdo!" 
"Shut up Richard. I am just soaking in the sun, and the beauty of this place. You won't get it. Anywho, why are you out here looking like you've wrestled a bull or something?"
"Oh I went for a run. I do not usually like to miss my runs. Normally, I would go to the gym but this place just inspired me to run."
"Dear Lord, you are one of those! Dammit!"
"One of what?"
"The weird health freak type people, who eat nasty healthy food and love to gym and strut their stuff at everyone. Ew! I hate that breed of people..."
"First of all, we are not dogs. Second of all, I like working out and staying fit but I am far from being a freak."
"Yeah right!"
"Anyway, forget that! What beauty have you been soaking in?"
"This place Richard. Look at the pink walls, the lovely balconies, the beautiful orchards, everything here has a story to tell." Kimberly said this with a sparkle in her eye. She loved stories, a sucker for everything royal. She had a princess complex and was very proud about it!

After exploring the palace, with Richard (he decided to tag along), she finally met up with Amos, Racheal and the family for lunch. Richard couldn't keep his eyes off of Kimberly, there was just something about her. She was cracking jokes, cackling with everyone and even making jokes about herself. But that wasn't the reason, there was something about her from this morning, the way she was excitedly looking at the palace. The way she would blush when she would look at herself in the mirror, the way she would just stand and stare into the open expanse, even the way she was sipping her coffee, there was just something about her.

She was just going back to her room as he caught up with her.

"Hey Kimberly, listen!"
"Yes Richard?"
"Would you like to go with me and explore the city?"

Kimberly immediately regretted agreeing, as she turned around. She knew this wasn't going to end well. Not when, she felt the way that she did around him. There was something about him that made her a little nervous. With him around she always blushed. His height helped too. This was all fine and dandy, but she couldn't. She just couldn't take it any further...
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  1. More of the author gets embroiled in the story and it gets more interesting !


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