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Of Sunshines and Peaches - Part II

“Wow you are tall,” she said standing up.
“Yes I am, but I am also known as Richard.”
“Im sorry for that, it is just very difficult for me to digest that I actually walked into a person instead of that person walking into me. I mean, I am blabbering. Sorry. Hi, Im Kimberly!”
“I know,” he said
“Umm...” She had a problem. Usually she was good with names, but if she forgot someone's name then nothing in the world would remind her of it. Was I supposed to remember him? Have I met him before? Should I know? Damn why cant I remember. While this struggle was going on inside her head, it showed up on her face.
“Don't worry. I dont think you would remember me. We were in college together but never spoke to each other. I know your name because of Racheal, I'm her brother.”
“Oh thank god. I mean im sorry, I usually am very good with names. But not when I am caught off guard.”
“Well let me help you with your house, oh wait! Thats your bag,” he said as he reached for her huge suitcase.
“Hey this is a one week wedding, I need my outfits!”

Finally there he was, Amos, she ran upto him gave him a bear hug as he lifted her up as usual. While Racheal was glaring at them. As she got out of Amos' grip she gave a huge hug to Racheal who finally smiled. “You were supposed to be here two days ago Kimberly. What is the meaning of coming now? Do you know how mad your friend has made me! I cant handle this idiot anymore,” she said while Kimberly was still hugging her.
“Well I told you, you were making a mistake by marrying him. When he asked you out, I told you that I was available. I still am! Lets run away!”
Right now! Lets go! I haven't even bothered unpacking!” Racheal said as they cackled like little girls.

This was their usual conversation. Amos and Racheal were much older than Kimberly, and treated her like so, sometimes. It was beautiful how nothing was uncomfortable, how they were all as close even though she knew Amos longer than she knew Racheal.

“Girls, do you need a room and can we watch?” Richard said while giving Amos a high five. “Racheal could you leave someone for me to flirt with? Especially one of the girls!”

Kimberly smiled and stood up.  She asked if she could go to her room. This was sudden, but no one noticed as she quietly walked away.

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  1. You seem to have perfected the art of ending just when the reader really wanted more. Beautiful series. Looking forward to the next one. (Please write it quickly!)