Friday, March 28, 2014

Of Sunshines and Peaches - Part I

It was her best friend's wedding. Kimberly couldn't believe it, not because he was repulsive or something, but because after his last debacle he swore he wouldn't get married. When he called Kimberly and gave her the good news she almost fell off the bed (she actually did). Here she was, six months later, at the beautiful palace in the pink city that was converted into a resort. She loved these majestic hotels, gave her Disney complex a boost. But this wasn't about her, she was here for her best friend's wedding and cliché as that just sounded, she was not secretly in love with him and nor was he.

She still remembered the time she met him for the first time. She was doing this creative writing course, and as usual as it is with every new place and her, she was plonked in the corner with her book and her huge glasses sliding off her nose. No she wasn't a nerd, she just liked huge glasses, and reading, and liked being alone, oh well, she was a nerd. This guy comes, practically accosts her with his bag and perches beside her on the same bench. She was very annoyed and decided to give him the “cant you see I am busy reading” look. He looked at her, smiled and said, “Hey.Thats it, she thought to herself, you practically killed me with your bag, but yeah 'hey' works. “I said hey!” he said again.
Hi,” she said.
Why are you reading?
Why are you reading, this is a creative writing class, we are supposed to write, not read! Maybe you are in the wrong class!” He said with a stupid grin.

That joke was so lame, Kimberly couldn't help but laugh. On that silly note, started a very amazing friendship, Sunshine and Doofus (thats what they called each other). They bickered like an old couple, but missed each other when the other one wasn't around. They were a team, he was lame and she was awesome (he was awesome too but she never told him that). It was a weird relationship, the kind where people assumed you would be dating or are soul mates and you would just think, NO! Here there was no possibility at all, unlike in the amazing rom-com movies where eventually they come together. They were friends, best friends, even though it was an alien concept.

They were together through thick and thin, helped each other through numerous heart breaks and everything else that went wrong. She saved him from drunk dialing exes and he saved her from becoming a loner. They didn't talk much when they got busy, but they never forgot. The respective spouses (whichever one) were first introduced to the other and it was made clear that the dynamics were platonic but they wont change. That was never usually a problem.

Now finally here she was, at Amos' destination wedding, with Racheal, Kimberly's favourite person. Here she was, she was so happy, beaming, glowing. Walking towards the reception to check in. Suddenly she hits this wall, okay it was a person, a really big person. Kimberly was extremely shocked, for her to run into a big person is like someone finding a unicorn.

Hey I'm so sorry,” he said as he gave her a hand.
Wow, you are tall!
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  1. I do have a preference for your non-fiction blogs. But I must admit, I enjoyed reading this one. It's lovely to see you draw experiences and inspiration from your life. There is also a certain charm with which you blend in your preferences and character traits into Kimberly.


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