Monday, March 31, 2014

Of Sunshines and Peaches - Part IV

They were exploring the city. They had different things in mind when it came to exploring, he wanted to sight see, click photos. She wanted to go to the roadside markets, small unknown areas, talk to the locals. They still managed to do the same without killing each other. Richard loved looking at Kimberly while she spoke to the locals. There was this ease about her demeanour, a warmth in her stature, the people seem to talk to her like she was family. She laughed with them, accepted everything they offered graciously even if it was a small cup of tea.

Though they did not manage to have a conversation through the first half of the day, atleast nothing personal. Kimberly was always talking about the city, the places around her, about a book that she'd read about this place. Everytime he brought up a personal question, she would take off. Not rudely, she would just excitedly yelp at something around and lunge for it. Kimberly did not want to spend too much time getting to know Richard, not with the way she felt when he was around.

He was just very enamoured by her, he tried not to show it to her. But he caught himself stealing glances. She was beautiful, but simple. He had been around her for 3 odd days now, and he didn't even feel for a second that she was dressed up, or gaudy. She was just right, somehow right for him. Damn! He couldn't believe he actually thought that. He yearned to spend more time with her, even though he had a lot of 'opportunities'. Finally, he asked her to have lunch, that would give them some time where he could get to know her a bit more.

Kimberly was flustered, and it wasn't just because of the heat outside. After the initial pleasantries about the place, they had nothing in particular to say.

"So Kimberly, what is it that you do?"
"Richard. I'm a freelance travel writer."
"Interesting, no wonder you love stories so much and are so comfortable with talking to people and walking around!"
"Thats not it. I always liked stories, I read so much when I was a kid. I am a born romantic."
"Read? Uh oh..."
"I'm not a big fan of books, I  read occasionally - newspapers, magazines, tabloids, you know the usual," he said while he rubbed his head like a confused child.
Kimberly cackled, she had not laughed this hard in the longest time. She hadn't seen anyone look this cute and grown up at the same time. Her stomach was aching, and her eyes were watering.
"You look amazing when you laugh. Finally, your big eyes get a little smaller... This wasn't a cliche line, I saved it from being one!" Richard was on a roll, now that he had seen her laugh he wanted to see it again and again.

They talked, ate, talked some more, walked a little more and then finally headed back to the hotel.

"I had an amazing time Richard. I usually like travelling alone, but it was so much fun! Thanks... "
"Well I'm glad. I was thinking though, I've never made anyone laugh as much and still been intimidated by them. Okay here it is... Kimberly where are you going?"
"I'm sorry Richard. I have to go, please don't say anything. Im sorry..."

She left Richard standing in the lobby as she ran to her room and shut the door behind her. She couldn't do this...
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  1. Beautiful dialogue exchange. And you touch a hard to describe emotion in the end. Really well done.


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