Friday, July 3, 2015

Lovelorn but not lost... Part III

The den, that is what they called the place to brainstorm. It wasn't a regular place, it was a place where dreams were written, coffee flowed all the time, there was always food to eat and there was just so much colour. Comfy cushions, couches, bean bags and charging portals every 2 seconds, this was a dream land. 

Hey! I'm James. 


I am new too, I was a part of the team discussion thing. 

Oh yeah, you were the camera angles guy, cool advice...

Yes. You don't mean that...

No! Every idea should be accepted and welcome!

Yes well, he didn't think I was completely off track, so I guess we are a team now!

Sounds good, lets do this!

Weeks, it was weeks of brainstorming, coming up with ideas, having them shot down, being awestruck by some of the brilliance flowing in that room and of course Sean's amazing new story. It was beautiful and she didn't know why he needed consultants. It was like they stayed there, that room was their cave, it was like no one ever left. The others did take breaks, went out at night to get a drink, bond. But not her, she was there, the place was oddly comforting for her. 

What do you do here alone?

What? Oh! Sean, hey, hi. Nothing I just like it here, the silence and the calm. I use this time to rejuvenate of sorts. 

Like meditation?

Yeah, you can call it that. It is an amazing space, I mean whoever designed this

Well thank you miss, i will take that as a compliment! Let me try this meditation with you today...

A couple of cups of coffee, a few common interests and the love for love stories; that is what changed them that night. It was nice, talking to someone who could partake in your weirdness. That became a ritual...

That ritual is where he best ideas came out, Sean and Kimberly worked double time, worked on the kinks, discussed ideas that were thrown around all through the day. This changed Kimberly a little too, she started giving out her opinions, louder and clearer than she normally would prefer. It was an amazing 2 months. They had to now leave, the movie was about to start and everyone was needed on set. There wasn't as much work to do for the consultants though, they just helped around wherever they could. A few days in Kimberly heard a loud commotion coming from Sean's trailer, she decided to ask what's wrong. 

Two of our assistants, specifically the one who is supposed to tail the celebrity have not turned up, literally gone AWOL and it will take them a while to find a replacement. Meanwhile these imbeciles that I've hired refuse to switch roles. 

Sean! Damn! I'm so glad you asked everyone to leave the room. It's okay. 

It's not okay, how will we work this out? Now? 

Okay. Relax. Wait. Let me think. Okay. Listen, James and I we don't have much to do. Let me talk to him. We can both take up the posts for now, give us a briefing. And once you find a replacement we'll give that up. 

Kimberly this is mindless work, it isn't creative and sometimes it is just downright crappy. 

Sean! For the creativity we are working with you, we won't stop doing what we were doing but we can help. 

Kimberly! Sean! What's happening here?

James! Hi. I was just looking for you. Okay there has been a problem. A couple of Sean's assistants who were a part of the celebrity management team have just vanished. I was wondering if we could help him? Take up one space each, just until they find a replacement? 

Done! Let's do it. 
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