Monday, July 6, 2015

Lovelorn but not lost... Part V

Hey! Morning... Here's your coffee.

Thank you James. What's happening? Why are there so many people here today?

Oh looks like someone has forgotten. We are shooting the rain sequence today.

Oh right! But Sean didn't mention this last night...

Whatever! Guess what?

Oh God, what?

We get to be the scapegoats today.

Say what?

We get to test the rain out, give the marking and the que.

Are you serious? What rubbish?

You aren't happy?

I love the rain, but actual rain. And I am not that actor from that movie we saw a couple nights ago, who tests the rain and comes back out looking the same!

But I told them you would be glad to do it!

Oh! Of course. How could I not see through this! They asked you to be a scapegoat and you decided to volunteer my head. Nice! What about a change of clothes after this madness? Are we supposed to stay in these wet clothes all day?

Sean already has the costume department arranging something for us to wear after. C’mon! This will be fun.

Yeah yeah

The first test hurt their skin, it was a little too hard to bear, more like hailstones than actual rains. Then came the softer version, which somehow didn't look the way Sean wanted it to. Kimberly had no idea that rains in the movies had types, and that they were tested and treated before they were shot and the actors got drenched. Sean was all about the visual, which is why he needed the scapegoats.

The fake rain also felt therapeutic for some twisted reason, it felt nice to just walk around while the water pressure was adjusted, though she would've liked fewer people staring at her while she was doing so, but with James and his jokes about Sean’s concentration it felt like a joy ride. Finally, Sean was happy with the visual, it was now time to rehearse the markings, just so they knew where to place the actors for maximum effect. A few minutes into this activity and she heard Adam asking Sean if he could do his own markings himself. There was a small discussion about it, but it looked like Adam got his way, she could see him walking towards her.

It had been two days since their last exchange, the last fairly intimate exchange. They did talk for the last two days but it was the basic stuff, a to the point conversation. She didn't know why she felt suddenly exposed and half hoped that James could stick around. As though reading her mind, James assured her that she will be fine and she should gut-punch Adam if he gets too anal. James always knew what to say.

Adam has his hands firmly on her waist and hers were around his neck, they were trying to block a shot but somehow the lighting wasn't working with the fake-rain. So Sean asked them to hold still while he figured the best angle for the lights. This was one of the most pivotal scenes in the story and he wanted it to be perfect.

It’s cool that you do your own markings Adam, it is really cool.
I don’t usually do them.

Finally they were done, fake-rain was stopped, it was the longest 20 minutes of Kimberly’s life. As she walked towards James, who was all changed and holding a towel open for her, she felt something soft over her shoulder. It was Adam with a towel, he wrapped it around her. 

So fake-rain also makes people… nice?

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