Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lovelorn but not lost... Part IV

Superstar Adam. 
Star kid Adam. 
Jackass Adam. 

It's all the same. Kimberly and James tossed on  this, even tried rock, paper & scissor, but she lost. Both those times James won and she got stuck with the great Adam. He was the usual, star kid, motivational background, too fat to six pack and all that. But awful, normally people who've been fat are usually very humble but he was all jumbled up. Depressingly talentless and absolutely awful.

She kept reminding herself that this was just for a few days, she just had to keep her head low and get on with her days. Yeah he is a piece of work, but they all are. It's okay. 

Why are you talking to yourself? 

James! Shut up. You're in happy land over there. What do you care. I'm giving myself a pep talk. To deal with that idiot. 

Maybe this mocha will help? 

Oh yes it will! Thank you James. You deserve a hug! 

It was the end of day two. It hadn't been one of the best days on set, everyone was on an edge. Sean had already blown his top a couple of times, so had a few others. She was dreading going into jackass Adam's trailer, she did not want to speak to him, or tell him that the call time for the next time was advanced by 2 hours, which meant that he had to be on set at 5am. After another one of her mini pep talks she knocked on the door. She was used to not being answered the first time, so she knocked again, and then again. She finally let herself in. 

What she saw next blew her away, she didn't know how to react. Jackass Adam, loud Adam, awful Adam, was sitting with his head in his hand - sobbing. He stood up startled as he heard her go up the steps. She braced herself for being thrown out. But he just turned away from her. For about 5 mins they didn't say anything, Kimberly wanted to leave but she didn't know if she should leave him alone in that state. 

She walked up to him slowly and tapped him on the shoulder, as soon as he turned she gave him a hug. It was awkward, both of them were a bit stiff. But slowly he eased into it, so did she. They stood like that for what seemed like eternity, or so it seemed. After about 15 mins, they separated. There wasn't a word said, but there was a lot of communication in that trailer that night. 

Umm... Adam the call time is advanced to 5am. Sean apologizes but they need you to come in early just for tomorrow. 

That's okay. Inform him that I will be there on time. Anything else? 

No. Umm... Goodnight. 


What was that fate? 
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