Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lovelorn but not lost... Part II

She was pacing, she had a mug in her hand probably with coffee that had gone cold. She was wearing her bathroom slippers and her comfort tshirt. She felt at home when she wore these things, plus she did not know what to wear. Her meeting was in 5 hours and she was pacing, pacing around the house with her mug and slippers. 

She was on her way, she had never been nervous for any interview before, but this one, this one had gotten the better of her. As she entered the building Roger was waiting there for her, she wondered if she was late, but she wasn’t. 

She was lead to a conference room, a few of the others were already there. She was asked if she wanted something to eat or some coffee, she picked the latter, she thought she was going to be sick. 

Hi. I am Sean. Please do not be nervous about anything today, I just want to see how you guys brainstorm and see how you interpret things. I just want to see your creative process and of course we will discuss everything. Okay?

There were a couple of random nods and some sounds, Kimberly was mortified, stunned, frozen...

Alright! So lets begin, here is what we need to discuss. I have a basic plot and story in mind, it is a love story, a drama if you will. I will not tell you about the story or even a basic plotline, what I need to discuss is what do you think I should do with this movie? Is there something different that I should try? If you were Sean for this movie, what would you do? How would you make it?

Suddenly, there was an eruption. Notepads came out, pens were drawn like swords, it was a battlefield of ideas. There were sounds, lots of them, words some of them big thrown around. Sean was patiently listening to everything that was coming his way.

Maybe you should get real, make a real movie, no epics but drama, you know like about relevant times.

Maybe you could try different camera angles, like getting right in.

Maybe you could try shooting at real places, not have such huge sets and stuff.

Maybe you could…

Sean was listening to everyone, Kimberly though hadn’t said a word. She was just sitting right there, looking down at her notepad, which was blank. 

You? Kimberly, why haven’t you said anything? What do you think?

I’m sorry Mr. Bolen but I don’t know if I am the right person for this. 

I’d still like to hear your thoughts, so tell me. 

The thing is, well I… okay please do not think that I am trying to flatter you to get selected or something, because no I am not, I love my job, okay maybe love is a strong word, but it makes me happy most days. Here’s the thing, if I were Sean for a day I wouldn’t change anything. I mean love is the only thing in this world that has a semblance of magic left, and if that magic does transcend on the screen in a dramatic way then that is the way it should be. Romeo and Juliet, as cheesy as it sounds, it is one of the most coveted plays written, movies were made either with the script of the play or using it as an inspiration. Why? Because it wasn’t about the reality, it was about love, true as it was. It was dramatic and dangerous and violent but it made sense. Why would you change the way you express? We can fine tune it a little, maybe take care, turn it down a notch, but it is who you are!

Okay. Thank you for that and may I say you have very expressive eyes. 

That was that, half an hour later Sean left the conference room and so did everyone. 

Maybe she should’ve kept her stupid gob shut…

Kimberly, where are you going?

Oh, Roger. Home. Or maybe I will grab a pizza.

We’ll order a pizza here, welcome to the family. 

Oh, she should keep opening that super intelligent gob of hers…
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