Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Between you and the world... (Last Part)

Their conversations were strained. They were in different time zones and communication was difficult. Not to mention their work had taken over their lives in a way where both of them started sleeping at the office. Truth be told, they both knew they were doing that more because there was no one waiting for them back home. It just wasn't the same and the strain was now being felt. They were frustrated about not being able to see each other but even more so because they knew there was nothing they could do about it.

Kimberly was coming back from an exhausting work trip. It was a Friday and she was waiting to just get home and nuzzle up to her bed. As she walked towards the door, she could see that it was ajar. At first, she thought it might've been a burglar but then she knew it was Seamus. She knew he was there and her lost energy seemed to surge to her feet as she rushed in.

There he was, sitting on the couch in his shorts and tee, watching something on TV. She thought it was a mirage, she couldn't believe it. She leapt onto the couch and landed on his lap.

YOU IDIOT! Couldn't you have told me you were coming here? I would've come home earlier. 
He said this while he held her tight. 
I wanted the house to myself before your noisy self, arrived. 
She couldn't help it. she burst into a fit of tears. He did too, cried almost as much as she did if not more. Once the barage of tears was done, Kimberly hit him with the important question. 
What are you doing here?
I need to pace around for this. 
He said this as he put her on the couch off his lap and started pacing. 

You said something about me resenting you. That I would hate you for making me lose my big opportunity. But when I was there, I was resenting everything. My big opportunity didn't seem so big, my house wasn't that great and suddenly this didn't seem like my future. So I told them I needed to move back here with or without the brand new job. 
And they let you?
They said they will think about it, but I am on vacation until they figure it out. Kim, I know I will resent you at some point if they decide to let me go. But I know I will remember how much I love you and you will remind me enough for me to stop feeling the resentment. With you not being around I resent everything, I'd rather have you around and resent you because I know you will convince me to not feel like that. We balance each other out, it's the way this works. When I do fall weak, I know you'd become the strength I have lost. So while I wait for their decision, I just want to be here. With you. 

It all happened too quickly, Kimberly started crying again, she flung herself at him and they both fell to the floor, carpeted thankfully.

SUPES! I was just in your part of the world, I interviewed for a job there. I was going to surprise you, but then I thought I should fly out there over the long weekend so you'd have time to spend with me. I love you! And I'd rather be around a resentful you than not be around you at all. So whatever their decision might be, we WILL never be apart. Here, or there, whichever world there might be. 

Between the world and you, she said while he held her face.
I will ALWAYS pick you, he finished for her. 
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