Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Between you and the world...(Part II)

Refused? Why would you refuse?

Well, I think what we have going on here is great and my job isn't half as bad. I'll just wait it out and get that ladder up here itself, so I can be around you. You anyway can't leave. 
Yes Supes but this is your move up, THIS is your ticket to the big leagues and you just landed yourself a first class pass. 
You're my first class pass, Kim. 
Supes, I love you. And as romantic as you sound right now, you're going to resent me at some point for making you stay. And I don't want that. The last thing I want us to feel for each other is resentment and regardless of who makes the move, there's going to be resentment. You need to take this, we will try and make this work to the BEST of our abilities. You need to take the step towards your future, and I somehow just know that it will lead back to us. Or at least I'd like to believe so!

Kimberly was trying hard to convince Seamus but more than that she was trying to convince herself. She was always hearing tales about distance and how that affected most of the people and even the strongest of lovers. But she never wanted things to go sour with him. Even if she lost out on being his companion, something that she did think about on some days, she never wanted it to come to a point where she wouldn't be able to speak to him.

The time came by and went in a blink. One minute they were thinking up these scenarios about being in different continents and another minute, she was sitting around waiting for a text from him telling her he reached safely. Saying the goodbye was teary-eyed was an understatement. Something made them glad they weren't filmed while they said goodbye because there would just be a lot of water and a bunch of ugly criers making the weirdest of faces and hugging every part of each other's body they could find. It was clumsy, to say the least, but it was what it was.

You know this is the longest that we've been apart in the last 3 years? 
It has been two months since the big move and Seamus couldn't believe the way time had flown!
I know Supes. It's so weird I was just thinking about this a while ago. Time is such a funny thing. Do you know this has been our longest conversation since you've moved, and it's just been 7 minutes!
I miss you, Kim. 
I miss you more. 
Who'd have thought we'd turn into one of these couples who'd say stuff like this on the phone?

Who'd have thought we'd actually have to talk on the phone?

Their conversations were strained. They were in different time zones and communication was difficult.
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