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Prince Charming - I

She ­­couldn't believe it; here she was finally, at a masquerade ball! Not a masquerade ball, but the masquerade ball. It was very difficult to find these things where she lived, much less be invited to the do. Like every other girl, she grew up loving fairy tales, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, the works! You name it and she loved it. She should too; it was her job, finding fairy tales in mundane things. Let’s just say she was a dream weaver, making dreams come true or finding the rainbow in what seemed like an everyday grey cloud.

She was fairly new at this, at the job, not at dreaming. She was an expert at that, day dreaming, creating perfectly imperfect scenarios in her head, imagining movie plots, everything! Common thing you ask? They all had a ball, some kind of a party where the hero met the heroine. Now you can figure, she was extremely thrilled to have an invitation to the biggest new years party that the city had. But imagine her glee when the theme turned out to be, ‘a quintessential fairytale ball’, at least that is what the invite said.

She picked out the perfect blue dress; yes she decided to be Cinderella. The perfect mask, shoes and also found a pouch that she could strap under her dress, a girl has to have her phone! She was partially glad she didn't know anyone at the ball, it added to the excitement of being there, the mystery was a perfect addition to an already perfect setting.

She handed her pass over to the doorman and entered the hall. She was blown over by what she saw. It was like she was transported into her favourite book, the banquet hall that she was no stranger to seemed like the rabbit hole that Alice fell into, only this was better than Wonderland (or Underland). Soothing music, starry lights, dapper men, beautiful women, decadent food and of course a bit of liquid courage, it was perfect.

She started to walk around, mesmerised and enchanted, but just then she head someone call out her name. She looked around and it was that cute guy, no not cute, handsome man, from work. She knew him; well she had spoken to him twice. He was an object of fancy for almost all the girls at work. But wait, how did he recognise her?

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