Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prince charming... - II

But wait, how did he recognise her? She checked her mask to see if it was in place or had it fallen off or something.  

“Don’t worry your mask is fine. I actually know it was you because I saw you sign your name at the entrance, I was right behind you.” 

“Oh, well, your mask is fine too, but I still know it’s you, well obviously, I mean… I should stop talking.”

“No it’s okay, please carry on, I like these ramblings…” he chuckled. “A few friends have a table on the other side, would you like to join us, I don’t think you know them, but you can get to know them.”

“Umm… Sure.”

At the table she was quickly introduced to his friends while he pulled the chair out for her to sit. Chivalrous, polite, handsome… aah the perfect trifecta! There were varied conversations going on at that table, politics, news, crime, work, management, retail, books, and so much more. She found her thoughts drifting off, she loved this intellectual repertoire, but she had this everyday. 

She was at a ball, there was serenading music, beautiful lights, gowns and masks; and here she was, sitting around listening to someone ramble on about politics. Suddenly, she felt his hand on her back, finally, she thought, he is finally going to ask me to dance. It is high time!

Hey,” he whispered, “are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

Well you haven’t said a thing since you’ve joined us, is the talk a little too much?”

Excuse me! She thought to herself. “No umm… I’m fine, was just listening.”

“Oh okay then…” and that was that. 

She decided to take matters into her own hands. She looked at Jonathan, yeah that was his name, and asked him to dance. 
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