Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prince Charming - III

Just as Jonathan was about to respond, there was an announcement, the games were about to begin. It was a simple game, you just had to come in with someone and then change partners with the changing music. It wasn’t even a game, there were no winners or losers. But it was interesting. She raised an eyebrow at Jonathan, reluctantly, he left his seat. And so it began, they started dancing. He was not bad, you couldn’t put him on a dance show, but he could hold his fort and not stumble. 

The music changed and so did the partners. She got some poor stiff guy, poor thing couldn’t figure what he was doing, stepping on her toes while he was doing whatever he was. But she was happy, she was at a ball, in a gown, dancing! A few more partners changed, all of them polite, and all of them trying not to step on her toes. Then suddenly the music changed, it was one of her favourites, and then something happened. Her hand went into these firm pair of hands. One around her waist held her with the strength and confidence that she hadn’t felt in all this time. She looked up, of course he had a mask, but it wasn’t hiding his smile. 

This radiant, bright smile that makes you feel things. You know the kind when you’re having a bad day and it just suddenly turns your day around; well night in this case. It wasn’t just his smile but his stance too, it felt amazing to dance with him. Music changes, he’s gone. He was like a whiff, a breath of fresh hair, he was here one minute and gone the next. She decided to stay on and endure all the dancing and toe stepping just to get to him again. She was back to dancing with Jonathan, and the closer she got she held her breath. Finally, and this time she would talk to him, she decided. There was the old guy, poor thing sweating profusely while still trying to keep up. He’s next, she thought, here he is. The music changed...

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