Friday, January 23, 2015

Prince Charming... - IV

The music changes…

There he was with his stance, his strong arms, barely sweating and that dancing! Man was he good! There she was, almost about to say something and he said something. She was thinking so hard about talking to him, she forgot she needed to hear too. She was just about to ask him what he’d said when, the music changed. So she shrugged and moved on to the next person. A few moments in, Jonathan asked her if she would like to take a walk around instead, she did want to say no, but she also wanted to go.

They found some bite sized goodies, scooped up a few and walked about. Talking, stealing glances, flirting; it felt pretty good, she felt good. They had a lot of things in common, their thoughts, the stuff they liked and of course the company that they worked for. It felt like a moment, but it was almost midnight, so they decided to join the others for the final countdown. As she was heading inside, she bumped into someone, as she looked up she recognised it was him, the same guy, with the same smile. She smiled right back at him but before she could say anything, Jonathan led her inside.

He did have his hand at her waist, he was powerful too, but she didn’t feel what she felt when she was dancing with the smiley stranger, yes smiley that is what she was going to call him. It felt like a romantic movie sequence, where she was being led away from something she wanted to be close to. But it wasn’t, it wasn’t a movie, it was real life and she could go wherever she wanted to. She didn’t need plot twists in her life, she wasn’t sure if there was a happy ending and she couldn’t leave it to hope. She excused herself from Jonathan and sprinted right up to the smiley stranger. She tapped on his shoulder, and there it was, the smile and the man…

Again, as she was about to say something, 30 seconds on the clock!

I’d better go find my friends.

Yeah, you should. Yeah, I mean I should too.

Umm… okay then.

As they walked away from each other she realised she hadn’t even seen him.
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