Saturday, April 19, 2014

Introversion: Breaking the Stereotype!

There has been a lot of smack about how Emma Watson admitted to being an introvert, so did Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone did too a while back. A lot of people found it difficult to digest. They said, that those people don't "look" like introverts. So let's make a few things clear here...

Introversion is not equal to being awkward or shy!
If I read another list/article that categorizes introverts as innately awkward people who talk quietly and hate loud noises. Introverts can be shy and/or quiet, but by no means are they in tandem. It happens. And I used to be shy when I was a kid, but being shy doesn't work in the real world, so I got over it. Being awkward isn’t good. It makes people uncomfortable. The same should not be said of introversion…

Stop romanticizing introversion.
Can we please stop acting like introversion is hip? Being an introvert is exhausting. It is like living a double life! I love my alone time, books, and introspective tendencies, but it’s not a field of beautiful, quirky flowers. I have to work to keep up with my friends and coworkers amidst thoughts of “Please God let this be over soon all I want to do is get in my bed and watch TV and eat some food and read and sleep and do anything but be with people pleeeeeaasseeee.”

People use introversion as an excuse for being rude.
One of the most common bullets I see on lists about introverts is, “Stop asking me if something is wrong! Just leave me alone. Sometimes I just want to be quiet,” or some variation of that. That’s rude! If someone’s asking you if you’re okay, it’s because he/she cares. Being quiet is one thing and being sad is another. Get over it, accept your friend’s concern, and try looking less miserable in the future. Introversion can not and should not be used as an excuse to be mean!

Moral of the story: Let’s look at things for what they are. This is something that has its ups and downs just like everything else.
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  1. Introversion is sometimes you are born with. You don't choose it. You don't become it because it is cool. As you grow you learn to adapt it. Well written post. Love it.


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